Mansfield - April 28, 2014

It's strange to me. I may not email you a whole lot today because I'll see you tomorrow! I'm going to be super tired. So basically at 2:00 I'm going to be picked up and taken to Leeds. I guess I'll sleep there and then leave tomorrow morning. I'm sure I'll see President and Sister Pilkington before I leave (I hope). I'm excited, but also a bit sad to leave.

Yesterday at the end of the day we went on top of a hill in a park by our flat. It overlooked a lot of Mansfield. I just realized how lucky and blessed I've been to serve a mission here.

I'm super excited to see you tomorrow.

Love Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - April 21, 2014

So yea, I was wrong, we do get to email on Tuesday. Well that's good I guess, there was a mix up and President changed his mind after I emailed you on Thursday.

Yea, it's amazing that I got to meet Elder Larson. He's really not bad at speaking polish already; I'm impressed. Right now I'm with Elder Hoxha because he won't have a companion until later, so since we're in a trio and he's on his own I guess it makes sense that I be with him.

I have no doubt that Elder Larson is in good hands, I think he'll pick up the language just fine. It's hard to pick up Polish in a non polish speaking country. You simply don't have the opportunity to speak it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But I know that Heavenly Father helps us. I've seen him help me a lot.

This week Buffy was baptized along with two other 8 year old girls. Since it was an occasion where the two other girls were confirmed right after their baptism the Bishop got special permission so that Buffy could be confirmed that day as well instead of waiting until Sunday. It was amazing to see her father, who has recently just come back to church and just gone through the temple and received  the Melchizedek priesthood baptize his daughter. She wanted me to do it, but we talked to her and convinced her to have her father baptize her. She wanted me to confirm her. I admit it had been a while since I'd gotten to participate in an ordinance, I could feel the difference.

I'm now worrying about what to bring home. I have collected a few things here, that I really do want to bring, but really I think there will be a lot that I leave behind.

There is a man named Adam who owns a shop. He is from Poland and he and his wife lived in American for a couple of months. He invited us over for some Polish food and a good chat. We talked and he showed us a lot. He and I have become pretty good friends. I really like that man. He and his wife are so nice. There are just so many good people that we meet. I only hope that I'm planting seeds and that these people will remember us, and how they felt. We both signed a Polish Book of Mormon and gave it to him as a gift. It's perfect because I think that it means more that way. He also gave me a book of pictures of a church in Poland. It was really good. There are a lot of people I'll miss here. He tells me that I really need to go to Poland. I really would love to go to Poland some day.

Missionary work just seems to make me happy. I think I'll miss all the time I have to study. I've really learned a lot. I've read a lot of the bible as well as the Book of Mormon many times.

Easter was just a normal day for us missionaries. I really enjoyed church on Easter,  there was a lot of talk on the Atonement and the Resurrection. That was good because last year there wasn't anything mentioned at all about the Atonement and Resurrection and it was different. I know that some holidays just become too commercialized, but we still shouldn't forget the real meanings of them. Poland has a lot of Easter traditions. It's a good time of the year for them. The Catholics fast from meat and dancing and things like that in preparation for Easter. Then on Saturday they take food to a priest who blesses it. I can't remember all of it, but the food is all symbolic. The eggs represent new life and there's bread and sausage. Then they prepare it to eat it the next day on Easter Sunday.

I really love my mission. I've had so many experiences. (His sister asked if he had an English accent) ha, no I have a polish accent... :)

I'm excited to see you all,

Love Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - April 17, 2014

So I know I emailed you just a few days ago, but because of Easter weekend I won't be able to email you next week. So we were told to email you all on Saturday. Well the thing is that we are super busy on Saturday. So they told us to email you on Friday. Well the Library is closed on Friday. So they told us to email you today.

Not a whole lot has happened except Elder Larson came from the MTC in Provo. He is from California. Elder Mullen is training him and I'm just helping him with his polish. I like him; he's a pretty nice guy.

I've also been sticking around with Elder Hoxha because he is still waiting for his new companion to arrive from America. I hear that he is waiting for his visa.

For sure, we'll have to come back here, I can show you around; I'd love that. I guess you'll only get one more email from me after this until I see you, I think.

I am well though and happy! I hope that you are all doing great, I'm so excited to see you all in 12 days! It's crazy how short of a time all that is. I bet home has changed a little bit since I've been there.

I'm still working hard though. I'm pretty tired all the time though. But I still have fun.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend as well!


Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - April 14, 2014

So yea, I'm excited, Elder Mullen is going to train this new Polish Elder on Wednesday and I'll just be there for about two weeks. My companion Elder Mullen comes from a town in Idaho with the population of only 600 people. It's crazy for him here, I think! He lives on a ranch. I definitely want to keep in contact with him.

We are teaching a girl who is nine years old. She passed her interview and will be baptized on Saturday, it's really exciting. That family is amazing!

Something I admire very much in Polish people is that they are extremely hard workers! One of my favorite things is teaching English to Polish people. It's so much more effective than knocking doors. Last week we had four people come. Two of the people are from Warsaw and knew about Mormons and said that they were curious about us and asked us what it is we did the rest of the week. We told them, then they asked a bit about our beliefs. It was so great, all I had to do was answer questions. I got to teach a little bit. I felt the spirit. After the English lesson one of them came and talked to me. It turns out he had been a Monk for two years. Then he met a girl and decided to give that up. He said he's read the Bible and there isn't anything in there that talks about practicing celibacy. He said he's looking for a new path in his life. I gave him a Book of Mormon.

I'm super focused, I love to work here! I feel bored a bit when we don't do missionary work (like lunch) I just think it's fun! I don't want to come home. To be honest, these two years have been one of the happiest times of my life. I realized that some of my most happiest times have been on my mission, and that I don't want to lose all that. I know there will be happy times up ahead after my mission, but I don't know if it'll be the same. But, I'm really excited to see you all again.

Next week the library will be closed due to Easter, so I might not email you till Tuesday.

Love you so much,

Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - April 7, 2014

I had a really great week. It's been crazy busy though.

General Conference was great! I got to see a few sessions, but not a lot. Maybe half of Conference. We had to travel a ways just to watch it. We had to go to Worksop, because it wasn't being shown in the Mansfield Chapel. There were some amazing talks. I really liked Elder Bednar's talk about the truck and the load, even though I only got to watch the first half of it.

It looks like you had a really good time watching General Conference.

Right now I'm with Elder Mullen, and we are awaiting the arrival of that new Polish missionary. Also in the same flat is Elder Hoxha from Albania and he is waiting to train a new missionary as well, who is on the way. So the three of us are in a trio. Elder Hoxha can be very energetic, so sometimes it's quite crazy being in a trio. It's fun though. We're doing great and are so busy. Probably the most busy I've been in my entire mission! It's crazy. But we're doing well.

On the 19th our Ward mission leader's 9 year old daughter is being baptized. It's amazing. The family was less active up until just a few months ago. And now the father has gone through the temple, gotten his Patriarchal blessing and is coming to church every week. That family is so great!

There was some fog from the sand storm, but not really all that bad since we live in a small town with lots of fields around. But it was still there to some effect.

I got to see Elder DeShazer for a moment on Wednesday, I know his companion a little.

It's crazy how fast time flies. Two years from the 18th I would have gone into the MTC. It goes by so fast.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - April 1, 2014

Yea this week has been good.

On Monday we went to Newstead Abbey, though we didn't get to go inside (except for a gift shop). The gardens around were really beautiful. I bet they are even more so in the summer though.

I'm sending you a lot of pictures. I loved the Abbey! I took loads of pictures.

Our investigators are great. On Tuesday we took Alan to the Family History Centre (the church) and it had a really positive impact on him. He is now planning to go to places where his ancestors are buried and fill in some of the missing holes in his family history. He also could remember a lot of names and dates which made me really impressed.

We taught the first English class and it was good. Two people showed up, but I liked that, because we could work a lot more personally with those two people. I really like teaching English I find it extremely fun. I love speaking Polish, for some reason it just makes me really happy. Even if the person is rude or just not interested, I still just love speaking to Polish people. My Polish isn't perfect, but it's alright, they can understand me and I understand most of what they say.

So this week was transfer calls and something exciting has happened. Elder Hill is going to Grimsby. And I am now going to serve with Elder Mullen again. And the two of us are going to train a new Polish speaking missionary on the 16th of April. Well Elder Mullen will train him, I'm just assisting I think. But I'll get to end my mission in a fun and interesting way (training my replacement).

I think that we are going shopping today, I might find a suit or something. I'm not too worried about my suitcase weight, there is a lot of stuff I don't really need to bring home that I can give to other missionaries. I'm not 100% positive, but I think I'll be alright. Also, I didn't bring with me a carryon bag and I bought a duffle bag for exchanges and P-days and I can fill that up with stuff.

We got a referral last week. It was in a village super far away, down south. It took most of our day traveling there and back. In fact, it's pretty much on the boarder of our mission. But it was worth it, we taught the man the Restoration, and he listened and soaked it all up. I don't usually see people do that or be too interested like that when we teach. So I liked it. It'll be interesting to go back, except it's super far away. In fact I don't even know if he knew where Mansfield was.... The closer city to him is Nottingham which is out of our mission.

I'm so excited for General Conference! There's still so much work for me to do. We're still working hard.

Love you loads,

Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - March 24, 2014

I'm really good, we've had a great week.

Lately it's been sunny and warm, but also there's been weird rain and hail (even though the sun is shining). But it's been over all really nice and we're all doing well.

We are starting to teach English lessons again. We've made up some flyers and now we are putting them up in Polish shops. So this is fun. We've really just been keeping busy. I find that there is so much to do and so little time left for me to do it. We are teaching some really good people who are making some good progress. A girl who is nine and is our ward mission leader's daughter. She is really fun and energetic. Then there is a woman who is friends with a member who invited her to seminary and she came. And now even though that member has left off to the university she is still coming to church and now looking to be baptized, which is super exciting. Then also we are seeing a man who is a really good guy.

For conference we will probably watch it at the church. It's a lot different watching it as a missionary, I think it seems to click better for me, or maybe I am just able to focus more, or it could be because I'm a bit more mature. But I usually find things that I really like.

Food wise, I learned a new pasta dish from another missionary, it's really good. It's basically like milk, eggs and cheese, but it is really good. I also have been making some sandwiches lately. Polish sandwich meat is the best! We met this really nice shop keeper when we were putting up flyers for our English lessons and he gave us some Polish food, it was really good, I insisted on paying for it, but he gave it to us for free. He said that we were helping Polish people out, so he was going to do something for us. I wish he was interested in the Gospel because he'd make a really great member I think. Maybe we're planting some seeds here.

I'm going off to New Stead Abbey, I'm super excited, I'll try to take some pictures for you all.

Love you all,

Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - March 17, 2014

I'm good, we've had a great week. It's got to be spring here, I love it! The flowers are coming out. It's really pretty.

I love Mansfield. I told my companion I could live here. The Ward is amazing and the town is amazing as well. There are lots of Polish people, which is good.

I would love to come visit as well. There are so many amazing places and people. We are planning to go to Newstead Abby next p-day. I'm excited to go. Also to Sherwood forest one of these days. I'll take pictures.

I've read a lot here on my mission. I read Jesus the Christ and loved it. I want get a few other books from James Talmage. Also I've read the New Testament and am currently reading the Old Testament. There's so much background story to the other books in there I think.

I got to go to Sheffield for a while on splits, it was interesting.

We are teaching a few Polish people. We were fed Polish food last night, it was so good! We were fed something called Racuchy. It was like a pancake thing with apple in the middle and powder sugar on top. Really good. And we ate breaded chicken as well. Also there was this weird curdled milk we drank. It wasn't really that good. It was like sour milk. But it was sour on purpose!

I got your letters, thank you so much for those! I love telling people that I'm from Nottinghamshire about five generations back!

It's crazy I've got about a month left. But the thing is I've still got so much work here for me to do! So busy! But it's fun, I love it.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - March 10, 2014

Things are really good here in Mansfield.

I love the ward here, the members are so supportive and great. I loved Hull because I'd grown to love it after all that time and I have a lot of good memories. Leeds was big which was nice. Mansfield is smaller, but the people are friendly and the scenery is more friendly.

So Nottingham is just out of our mission, but we're so close to it! It's about a 30 min bus ride from here! I wish I could go down there. But I've been telling people that my ancestors came from Nottinghamshire, about 5 generations ago. I love it!

It's a bit different to me to be 21. I got a cake from Bev and Elder Mullen. I wasn't expecting anything for my birthday, so that was a surprise. It was a pretty good day though. I pretty much did missionary work on my birthday, but it was fun :) Bev is super nice, I would like to stay in contact, I think that'd be really good.

We are working on starting a Polish class and the ward is supporting it, to the point where there might actually be a member here who teaches it and I just support it....eventually. One thing I've learned from Mansfield is things just get done, instead of just talking about things and planning things, they just do it then and there, or plan to do it. It's hard to explain, but it's been pretty effective.

There hasn't been a time change yet. I don't know if there will be one, maybe later on.

St. Patrick's day is an Irish thing, I think a lot of the celebration is just going to a pub and drinking.

Elder Hill is super excited and happy about the spring. He keeps pointing out flowers and stuff. He's from California and says it's summer all year round for him so he doesn't experience spring (his first spring). It is getting warmer here which is super, super good. I'm hoping it doesn't snow. Mansfield area is made up of a towns and villages. I see a lot more scenery which makes me happy. I met an investigator who returned from his holiday in Cuba. He is really good and has a lot of potential. The ward members love him and he has a testimony in God helping him to quit drinking.

Also we went by a Polish investigators and he said he went on the web site I left him, that made me happy. I'm glad things are going good back home.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - March 3, 2014

It's been a good week in Mansfield. Elder Hill and I are getting along great!

This week we taught a Polish man and it was probably my favorite lesson this week. He is 18 and works 40 hours a week. He is very humble and kind. I'm very excited to continue teaching him.

Yea it's sort of crazy that I'm 21, it doesn't really feel that way.

The ward here in Mansfield is really great. I've taken a lot of picture from leaving Leeds and up to now.

It's true, we really don't do too much knocking here, but we do some. There is a smaller village called Shirebrooke that is up a bit north that is filled with Polish people. There is a Sports Direct factory there that they all work at, so it's exciting. I've heard about 80% of the people who work there are Polish.

It's true though people speak a little different here. They call people "duck" and say "cheers me duck!" It's strange.

It was great, I got to see Elder DeShazer on Wednesday (I just forgot what it was called in English just now). But Sheffield is like 2-3 hours journey away from us, so we traveled to Sheffield, slept over at another missionary flat and then from there left for Hull. It was a long day.

The training was on finding and NOT GOING BACK TO EGYPT. President used the stories of the Israelites and how they thought things were too hard so they wanted to go back to Egypt. I wonder what I would have done if I were in their shoes.

I love serving In Mansfield, it's so great. The people are nice, the surroundings are nice. It's really great. And the ward is super. We already got one referral from a member and started teaching him (that's never happened to me before). This area has a lot of potential for growth and even there are lots of less actives who have potential of coming back.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler

Mansfield - February 24, 2014

I love Mansfield. I've had a great week. The people we are teaching are great and it's a really great ward I'm serving in. I've been super happy of late. The people here do talk a bit differently than from Leeds and Hull. But I like it. It's a lot smaller area I'm serving in, but I love it a lot. And there's a load of Polish people, which makes me super happy.

I'm so pleased to hear that my ancestors come from Nottingham. I'm no longer in Yorkshire, but in Nottinghamshire. I'm so sad that Nottingham is out of our mission, so close, but so far.

My companion is Elder Michael Hill. He is from Los Angeles, California. I am sharing a flat with him, Elder Mullen and Elder Hoxa from Albania. There really are a lot of Polish people here and as well since it's a town and not a city people are a lot nicer. Even the accent and way people speak here is different than from Leeds and England. It is sometimes hard for me to understand.

I've been here only a few days and we started teaching two different Polish households with return appointments for more. I've always wanted to serve in Mansfield, I've heard about it before.

Mansfield is in the Sheffield Stake, but is closer to Nottingham than to Sheffield. Sadly the journey to Sheffield I hear takes about an hour and a half on bus. Zone Conference is Wednesday and so that's a journey I'll have to take, I'll see Elder DeShazer then. I got to Sheffield by coach and then some members, the Davison's, picked us up from there (I met Elder Hill there) and they took us to Mansfield.

I enjoy working with Elder Hill so much. I told him my first impression of him, he reminded me of "fix-it-Felix" from the movie Wreck it Ralph. He thought that was funny. We get along really well. And I love sharing a flat with Elder Mullen again. To be honest this is becoming one of my favorite areas. I'm really happy.

And there is an Elder Giboin who is from England and finished his mission, but is now going to school here. He was one of my district leaders about a year and a half ago, that's crazy.

Love you

Starszy Ressler

Leed - February 18, 2014

So Yesterday we got transfer calls. I'm moving, I'm going to Mansfield. It's down south by Sheffield, sort of. I think it's almost as down south I think. I'll be serving with Elder Hill, who I don't know and don't think I've ever heard of before. Actually, no one that I talk to knows who he is, but I've heard he's been out for about a year. It's exciting. Elder Mullen was in Mansfield last transfer and might still be there, I'm not sure though. I've heard that there is a factory down there where Polish people work, but we'll see I guess.

Elder Eisert is leaving, too. He is going to Barnsley and they are white-washing the area, meaning moving in two missionaries that are unfamiliar with the area. We are both really going to miss the people here. This is a really good area and I have loved serving here. I'll miss it a ton.

Yea it was an amazing week. We were also teaching an amazing Polish family. (I forwarded you the picture). This will be my last full transfer. Then, I will only have part of a transfer.

Today is a really nice day and super sunny. If Beverly is flooded, then Hull will be super flooded I'm guessing. I've heard about the floods, but here in Leeds we're fairly dry. We had some rain and some strong wind, but no floods. Leeds is really inland and has got some nice hills, so does Sheffield I think. I really did like Leeds though, and Hull. I think I'll miss them both, but it's also good to see another area and meet another missionary I didn't know before. I heard from Elder Ball that at the beginning of your mission and the end of your mission you know the least amount of missionaries, but because I was in Hull for a majority of my mission, I think it's pretty much always been like that for me.

You know though, I think I have changed, I don't see it too much, but I can tell I think. I'm still me, but a better me I think. Elder DeShazer at the beginning of him mission said that he didn't want to change, and our MTC teacher told us that we won't change, well we will, but we'll still be us. That's sort of how I feel. I think I've grown a lot, but I still have loads to grow.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler

Leeds - February 10, 2014

I'm pretty good. This week is over, that was quick.

Yea I cut my own hair and I don't think I did too bad of a job. I like it. I think if I keep practicing then I'll be really good at cutting my own hair and won't ever have to pay for a haircut again. I remember my first haircut here in England, then a few months later I just always cut it really short. But now I'm figuring out my own style.

My tooth is better, so I'm doing alright. But my shoulders and chest are really sore, because I got to go to the gym with Elder Mast who is recovering his ankle. The doctor tells him to do certain exercises every day, and he really wants to recover as quickly as possible. So I got a chance to work out too, yea I'm sore.

I think you're right about my release date being extended. I figure there is someone else that I'm supposed to meet, or serve with or something. I'm not sure what, but something good will happen. We helped a less active family come back to church and the 9 year old son wants to be baptized. I'm real excited. They are a good family and I could tell his mother was happy to come back to church and meet people. This week we found a family from Portugal and they're pretty good. I'm picking up a bit of Portuguese. Then we also stopped by a Polish potential and her husband was home and he is really nice. We had a good conversation with him. Also I interviewed a lady for baptism; she is amazing, she found the church online and is ready to be baptized. We are just waiting for her husband's permission. But she is really good.

It's strange to me that on my mission so far I've only served in two areas and had only five companions. I wonder if this gives me an opportunity to have another area. I suppose we'll see next week with transfers. I've seen the ward here really grow a lot. There is now a new spirit of missionary work that wasn't really there six months ago. I'm really glad to have been able to serve here and learn all the things I've learned.

Lately President is stressing to district leaders about improving our district meetings. One important thing is getting people involved and not just us talking the whole time. The thing is that my district is really quiet and doesn't really speak too much. I'm trying to assign them things to talk about instead of just instructing by myself. That way they learn as they teach us. It should be good I hope.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler

Leeds - February 3, 2014

It's been a really intense week. On Monday I got a call from sister Wilson. She told me they were trying to figure out my release date. To be honest I think it was originally in March or something. But she said my visa doesn't expire until May 1st and that they would've sent me home April 2nd, but that would be a whole month earlier than I could be here. As well there are no missionaries leaving that day. So they fixed it so I can stay until about 2 days before my visa expires. If I'm in the country on May 1st they stamp me and I can't return to England for 10 years. I really don't want that. I am leaving one week before a transfer, so all the other missionaries will leave then, including Elder DeShazer I think. His visa doesn't expire until June, so he'll leave then. So I'll leave all alone (I guess that's just the way it is supposed to be). Maybe there is one more person I'm supposed to teach.

On Tuesday one of our investigators took us on a tour of St. James, the church really close by us. I took some pictures. She let us up into the bell tower and it was really neat. And there's a beautiful Bible there.

We had some really powerful lessons this week. We taught at the Kite's and asked them to share their conversion story. It was really powerful. Brother Kite was an agnostic scientist and didn't really believe in God (he was on the fence). It took about six months for them to be baptized and Brother Kite prayed to know if there was a God and asked five questions, all of which were answered, and I felt the spirit really strongly. Since then Brother Kite has served faithfully in the church including being a bishop twice.

Also, we got back into contact with another investigator who's been really busy. We brought a younger couple, the Kings, with us. It was a powerful lesson and he said he's prayed and ask if the Book of Mormon is true. I think he has a lot of questions, but is making good progress. He also came to church on Sunday and said he liked it.

Ever since I found out I'd be serving longer, I've seen blessings, I think.

Yesterday at church, the pianist wasn't there, so I got to play the piano for sacrament meeting. At the end Brother Jackson (he's in the bishopric) got up, so I went on the stand because I thought that he was ending the meeting, but no he was sharing his testimony! So then he thought I was getting up to share mine (I really got up to play the piano) so he said, "after we hear from Elder Ressler we'll close by...." But I was glad to share my testimony. I bore it about the Atonement.

I've been studying the Atonement recently because I plan to share it for district meeting on Wednesday. It's so amazing what love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us. That Jesus was sent and sacrificed himself for us. Just like the hymn, I really do stand all amazed.

I haven't seen any Polish Elders in a long time. About school. I don't really know I'd love to go to school, I just don't know how I'll afford it. I'm thinking of soon after I get back get a good job and then earn some money so I can go to school. Otherwise I don't really know how I'll be able to do it. Oh, and I'm taking my vitamins everyday (I try to), I've been pretty good at that. My chipped tooth is fine, but I've now got this tooth ache, I spoke to sister Pilkington and she thinks it's a gum infection, I really don't want to go to the dentist because it'll probably be expensive (that's what she said). She told me she sometimes gets things like that and they go away after a while, so I'm waiting it out. If it keeps up though I will call her again and she'll help me go to a good dentist. She used to be a dental hygienist, so I trust her judgment.

I bought some hair clippers so I can cut my own hair, I'm really excited.

Oh, wow, Harrison, Sadie, and Addie are growing up. Well just Sadie and Addie. Harrison still looks like I remembered him, which is a good thing too :)

Love you,

Starszy Ressler

Leeds - January 27, 2014

To be honest, I can't believe how fast January is moving on. It's amazing how fast time flies when you're focused on something.

I'm super glad I came to England, it's a beautiful place and there's a ton of good people.

I like the rain, but I don't like being in it for too long. But it's pretty nice. I do like a sunny day every once in a while though. It really hasn't snowed here. It did one day, but it all melted away about an hour later, so not a huge change.

At the start of my mission, I felt a bit tired and wondered if I'd ever be less tired on my mission. I've found this is not true! I always feel so tired, but I suppose that's a sign I'm working hard.

We had an alright week and taught a couple lessons.

Monday we went and met with a young woman and we brought a member with us. The woman studies Theology, and it's looking like she'll teach it when she graduates. She has come to several ward activities, but not to church yet.

Tuesday we went by to see a man who doesn't really believe in God because he is looking for a sign. But he says he’s open minded; and is also trying to quit smoking. We also had “tea” (dinner) with Sister Wilson, she's so great and she has a really strong testimony of baptisms for the dead and temple work. She is a convert and when she learned about baptisms for the dead, loved it.

Wednesday was interesting. We went to the hospital to visit an elderly member who had a heart attack. When we got to the hospital we found that he went to the hospital on Saturday, and left on Sunday, so he's alright.

Thursday was good. We went by to see one of our investigators, but she wasn't home, so we went to her sister’s and taught the children there. At first they were all over the place and I could tell the mom was getting a bit frustrated. So we taught them about prophets and I brought a picture book, that had pictures of prophets and they were hooked!

We just had a meeting with our zone. It was good. President Pilkington is trying to get us to not say that we're from Utah. He wants us to tell people that "we've come all the way from the Rocky Mountains to share a message that makes people happy" Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I've had people say "where's that?" But sometimes it's good.

Friday we had interviews and zone specialized training. President talked to me about sprinting to the end of my mission. During the meeting we were instructed on finding and talking to people. It was good. We were taught how to approach people in a more human and less robotic way. It seems to work well too.

So that was most of my week. Hope you have a good one.


Starszy Ressler

Leeds - January 20, 2014

It's good to hear that you're all doing well. I'm good, although sadly I chipped my tooth this morning, I don't think it's that bad though. I was biting on something too hard; well, lesson learned.

I'm happy Elder DeShazer is using his Polish again. Elder Olson is in the Leeds A Zone. I'm in the Leeds B Zone though. So I'll probably see him on Friday.

Yea I agree I need to get a picture with President Pilkington and his wife. They are really good, I like them.

I'm really happy that it's warm here. I'm really hoping that I can just skip winter this year. That would be really nice for me. And hopefully it will warm up over there in March.

Ah, that's sad about Aunt Donna’s passing, I know she's in a better place, and isn't suffering anymore. I was talking to someone about this the other day and I told them that I believe that after this life, we all will go to a place that simply isn't as bad as it is here.

Oh, I finished "Jesus the Christ" today. It was really good. I'm now reading another one of James E. Talmage's books "Articles of Faith" and when I go home I want to find another of his books called "The Great Apostasy.” I've also finished the New Testament on my mission and I am reading the Old Testament as well.

Yea, I have about 10 weeks left. Time is really flying by. I seem to wake up, exercise, and the next thing I know I'm going back to bed. It's crazy!

Uh...concerning dodgy things happening to me on my mission; yea, well I've never been robbed, but, yea let’s just say there are some things I leave out of my emails. I'll have to tell you about them when I get back or something. If you even want to hear them. Let’s just say this, I feel safer than I've ever been whilst on my mission. I know that Heavenly Father protects us.

There are so many false ideas out there. I see that one a lot, the "oh, I'm a good person, so I'll be alright" idea. No! God has commanded us to make sacred covenants with him, like baptism. Or like, “oh just one cup of coffee won’t hurt, it'll be alright”. Then there are the people who believe that all you have to do is believe. I just want to say to them "come on!" But of course I am polite. But yea some people need to read the Book of James, where he says faith without works is dead. And then there are the people who don't believe in modern revelation. You wouldn't have the old stuff if it weren't for revelation in the first place. Of course God still speaks to man today.

In the Leeds Stake conference, someone shared five points that are good to share with people.

1) When Christ was on the earth he established a church.
2) Men changed it.
3) It's back! How?
4) God spoke to a man.
5) God speaks to man today.

I think it's brilliant!

Ah, you'll have to tell all our Timberline friends HI for me. That'll be fun for Harrison.

Love you

Starszy Ressler

Leeds - January 13, 2014

Life is good here, it's not too cold, and so I can't complain too much. It rains, but it's not freezing. I'm happy for that; hopefully I can just skip this winter.

Today we had to clean our flat for 3 1/2 hours because President said that some missionaries got evicted because of negligence to their flat and it cost about £3000!! So he told everyone to clean today until it was spotless! My hands are all rough now from the cleaners.

I got a new grey suit for about £40. It's not bad and Elder Mast showed me how to hem my trousers inside (the European way I think). Also he gave me a haircut, I like having a French barber :) Elder Mast is really good; I like him a lot (we were on exchange).

Yea! Bigos are so good! and Peirogies. (If you cook up some tiny pieces of bacon and mix it in with them after....sooo good!) I also Like Golomki (L with a line through it) and Naleszniki (a pancake dessert).

This week was alright. The zone leaders found a Polish lady who they said understood them. They got her phone number and address and then we went by. They told me she understood them, but like pretty much every polish referral I get from other missionaries she didn't understand anything (it's sort of funny). She was wondering if she'd talked to Jehovah Witnesses (Polish people tend to not like them very much). So she asked if we were and I said "no", and she asked if we were Christian and I said "yes", so she said "come in". They're super nice. Sadly they work every day and the time they work is during church, but we'll do our best to deal with that.

Also we are teaching several Polish families whose two oldest children are 7, but we're planning on focusing on them since their mothers have said that the children don't really know about God, so we'll do that and hope the adults pay attention as well. Another Polish family who lives nearby has a daughter I swear I know from somewhere before. Maybe I've already met the husband and the daughter, but just can't remember. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough. It's strange though, I've seen that girl before.... Yea it's super good! and we're really trying to help a lot of the less actives here as well. Hopefully we'll have some success.

Yea, I guess I'm a stayer, but that's alright. At least I don't have to pack my bags every six weeks like all the other missionaries and I'm getting close to some of the members here in Leeds.

I believe my release date is the 27th of March, that's what I've seen, but I haven't seen anything official, yet. I hear that this is the transfer I'm supposed to find all that out, so we'll wait and see. This transfer is my last zone conference, so that's weird...

Love you

Starszy Ressler

Leeds - January 7, 2014

I'm super good, working super hard though. Our investigators are alright, they still meet with us, so that's good! We don't have anyone with a baptismal date yet, but some people who are sort of close to having one. We're still trying.

It's crazy. I hadn't really had a chance to knock doors for a while because of the holiday season and we've been busy with trying to reach out to less actives, but this past week we did it. And the funny thing is it felt strangely good. I actually enjoyed it because I like to talk to the people. It’s fun when they answer the door and you've got a smile on your face, and they want to know why, so they ask you something like "what do you want?" Then you get to tell them why. And you meet interesting people. I think you just have to do it right, to make it fun.

Well yea it was transfers, but we're both staying here. I guess I just am not supposed to change much. Part of me is sad that I don't get to see too much of these places, but hey, what can you do about it.

We recently started teaching a man who went to church in a different ward a few times. He says he is really impressed with the LDS faith. We'll see what happens. He told us he really didn't know how to pray, so we were able to teach him about prayer and how it is a conversation with God. A lot of people don't really pray like it's a conversation. Many churches don't teach that we can talk with our Heavenly Father. An investigator once showed us a gospel television channel and on it there was someone talking and then underneath it had a number to call to say a prayer. I think there was an amount of money it cost as well, but really I thought that was ridiculous. We can talk to God anywhere or at any time.

I might be playing the piano a lot more in church now, we'll see; because the missionary who normally played in church has just got transferred.

I worked out that I've got about 11 weeks left, that's not a lot of time. I really got some work I need to get done first.

Today I'm going with Elder Mast shopping; I might buy a new suit or a jacket. I've under grown them all and my suit I have from America is in really bad shape. We went to a funeral yesterday and I almost felt embarrassed wearing it, so I'm thinking of getting a cheap-ish suit for working and then have a nice one for meetings. I think I can get a cheap suit for about 40£, because, it'll probably get worn a bit. We'll see.

Yea, so yesterday we went to the funeral of a member that passed away. I remember him because he was always there greeting people and he always had a smile on his face. And he'd come up and give me a hug and it'd make my day a bit better. That's two funerals I've gone to in two weeks. It's sort of sad. You know though, that's the circle of life I suppose.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler