Leeds - January 7, 2014

I'm super good, working super hard though. Our investigators are alright, they still meet with us, so that's good! We don't have anyone with a baptismal date yet, but some people who are sort of close to having one. We're still trying.

It's crazy. I hadn't really had a chance to knock doors for a while because of the holiday season and we've been busy with trying to reach out to less actives, but this past week we did it. And the funny thing is it felt strangely good. I actually enjoyed it because I like to talk to the people. It’s fun when they answer the door and you've got a smile on your face, and they want to know why, so they ask you something like "what do you want?" Then you get to tell them why. And you meet interesting people. I think you just have to do it right, to make it fun.

Well yea it was transfers, but we're both staying here. I guess I just am not supposed to change much. Part of me is sad that I don't get to see too much of these places, but hey, what can you do about it.

We recently started teaching a man who went to church in a different ward a few times. He says he is really impressed with the LDS faith. We'll see what happens. He told us he really didn't know how to pray, so we were able to teach him about prayer and how it is a conversation with God. A lot of people don't really pray like it's a conversation. Many churches don't teach that we can talk with our Heavenly Father. An investigator once showed us a gospel television channel and on it there was someone talking and then underneath it had a number to call to say a prayer. I think there was an amount of money it cost as well, but really I thought that was ridiculous. We can talk to God anywhere or at any time.

I might be playing the piano a lot more in church now, we'll see; because the missionary who normally played in church has just got transferred.

I worked out that I've got about 11 weeks left, that's not a lot of time. I really got some work I need to get done first.

Today I'm going with Elder Mast shopping; I might buy a new suit or a jacket. I've under grown them all and my suit I have from America is in really bad shape. We went to a funeral yesterday and I almost felt embarrassed wearing it, so I'm thinking of getting a cheap-ish suit for working and then have a nice one for meetings. I think I can get a cheap suit for about 40£, because, it'll probably get worn a bit. We'll see.

Yea, so yesterday we went to the funeral of a member that passed away. I remember him because he was always there greeting people and he always had a smile on his face. And he'd come up and give me a hug and it'd make my day a bit better. That's two funerals I've gone to in two weeks. It's sort of sad. You know though, that's the circle of life I suppose.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler