Mansfield - April 14, 2014

So yea, I'm excited, Elder Mullen is going to train this new Polish Elder on Wednesday and I'll just be there for about two weeks. My companion Elder Mullen comes from a town in Idaho with the population of only 600 people. It's crazy for him here, I think! He lives on a ranch. I definitely want to keep in contact with him.

We are teaching a girl who is nine years old. She passed her interview and will be baptized on Saturday, it's really exciting. That family is amazing!

Something I admire very much in Polish people is that they are extremely hard workers! One of my favorite things is teaching English to Polish people. It's so much more effective than knocking doors. Last week we had four people come. Two of the people are from Warsaw and knew about Mormons and said that they were curious about us and asked us what it is we did the rest of the week. We told them, then they asked a bit about our beliefs. It was so great, all I had to do was answer questions. I got to teach a little bit. I felt the spirit. After the English lesson one of them came and talked to me. It turns out he had been a Monk for two years. Then he met a girl and decided to give that up. He said he's read the Bible and there isn't anything in there that talks about practicing celibacy. He said he's looking for a new path in his life. I gave him a Book of Mormon.

I'm super focused, I love to work here! I feel bored a bit when we don't do missionary work (like lunch) I just think it's fun! I don't want to come home. To be honest, these two years have been one of the happiest times of my life. I realized that some of my most happiest times have been on my mission, and that I don't want to lose all that. I know there will be happy times up ahead after my mission, but I don't know if it'll be the same. But, I'm really excited to see you all again.

Next week the library will be closed due to Easter, so I might not email you till Tuesday.

Love you so much,

Starszy Ressler