Mansfield - February 24, 2014

I love Mansfield. I've had a great week. The people we are teaching are great and it's a really great ward I'm serving in. I've been super happy of late. The people here do talk a bit differently than from Leeds and Hull. But I like it. It's a lot smaller area I'm serving in, but I love it a lot. And there's a load of Polish people, which makes me super happy.

I'm so pleased to hear that my ancestors come from Nottingham. I'm no longer in Yorkshire, but in Nottinghamshire. I'm so sad that Nottingham is out of our mission, so close, but so far.

My companion is Elder Michael Hill. He is from Los Angeles, California. I am sharing a flat with him, Elder Mullen and Elder Hoxa from Albania. There really are a lot of Polish people here and as well since it's a town and not a city people are a lot nicer. Even the accent and way people speak here is different than from Leeds and England. It is sometimes hard for me to understand.

I've been here only a few days and we started teaching two different Polish households with return appointments for more. I've always wanted to serve in Mansfield, I've heard about it before.

Mansfield is in the Sheffield Stake, but is closer to Nottingham than to Sheffield. Sadly the journey to Sheffield I hear takes about an hour and a half on bus. Zone Conference is Wednesday and so that's a journey I'll have to take, I'll see Elder DeShazer then. I got to Sheffield by coach and then some members, the Davison's, picked us up from there (I met Elder Hill there) and they took us to Mansfield.

I enjoy working with Elder Hill so much. I told him my first impression of him, he reminded me of "fix-it-Felix" from the movie Wreck it Ralph. He thought that was funny. We get along really well. And I love sharing a flat with Elder Mullen again. To be honest this is becoming one of my favorite areas. I'm really happy.

And there is an Elder Giboin who is from England and finished his mission, but is now going to school here. He was one of my district leaders about a year and a half ago, that's crazy.

Love you

Starszy Ressler