Mansfield - March 17, 2014

I'm good, we've had a great week. It's got to be spring here, I love it! The flowers are coming out. It's really pretty.

I love Mansfield. I told my companion I could live here. The Ward is amazing and the town is amazing as well. There are lots of Polish people, which is good.

I would love to come visit as well. There are so many amazing places and people. We are planning to go to Newstead Abby next p-day. I'm excited to go. Also to Sherwood forest one of these days. I'll take pictures.

I've read a lot here on my mission. I read Jesus the Christ and loved it. I want get a few other books from James Talmage. Also I've read the New Testament and am currently reading the Old Testament. There's so much background story to the other books in there I think.

I got to go to Sheffield for a while on splits, it was interesting.

We are teaching a few Polish people. We were fed Polish food last night, it was so good! We were fed something called Racuchy. It was like a pancake thing with apple in the middle and powder sugar on top. Really good. And we ate breaded chicken as well. Also there was this weird curdled milk we drank. It wasn't really that good. It was like sour milk. But it was sour on purpose!

I got your letters, thank you so much for those! I love telling people that I'm from Nottinghamshire about five generations back!

It's crazy I've got about a month left. But the thing is I've still got so much work here for me to do! So busy! But it's fun, I love it.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler