Hull - May 27, 2013

We're doing good. Elder Owens is a fun elder and is excited about missionary work. We really haven't shown Elder Owens and Elder Olson too much of the area, yet. We took them to the old part of town with the really big church, and to an indoor farmer's market I like to go to sometimes, and the candy store I love.

This week we're having district meeting all in Polish (I'm going to try) and I'm using a bit from what I've learned at Timberline. You know I've really learned a lot from serving a mission. We are always trying to follow the spirit. I'm not always the best at it, but I'm trying to recognize more and more how the Holy Ghost communicates with me and what he’s telling me.

We had a miracle happen. There is this Polish lady who has a lot of faith. Elder DeShazer and I met her and her partner has cancer and he was just about to go in for treatment. This was about a month or two ago. Elder Owens and I ran into her again and found that he hadn't been doing well. I prayed like crazy and fasted that things would go better, She is very interested in the gospel and coming to church, but she is just too busy with going to the hospital all the time to see him. Well, a few days later we ran into her again and found that he is doing much better and even seems to be going to be released from the hospital soon. So, we will be able to teach them soon, I hope.

This week we ran into a man who Elder DeShazer and I befriended awhile go. He's Polish and at first really didn't like us. But over time and after continually running into him, he now is a good friend. I don't think he's really that interested in our religion as much as in being our friend. But we're trying to teach his brother who seems a bit interested. It's funny here everyone says, “Oh, don't go there it's dangerous” or that Hull is a bad place, but really I've been around the areas here that would seem “scary” or would seem to be "dangerous", but they really aren't. Deep inside every one of us is a child of God, there is a light inside us all. I know for a fact that we as people are quick to judge before we try to understand. That's one of the biggest mistakes we make, to judge before we know why or how. So many people seem scary to talk to, but they are the ones who need this gospel he most.

We've been trying to work with members more to help them, so we can teach their friends and family. A lady came up to us before church and said that a friend of hers ran into missionaries three times and told her that she was very impressed by us. It's good to be a good example at all times.

I know that God is involved in our lives more than we think He is. I've felt real joy here on my mission, I can honestly say that my soul has been filled with it. I know that this gospel is true.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler

Hull - May 20, 2013

Summer already? That went fast. Life is really, really good. It’s starting to be light outside till 9:00 at night. So it's good. I've now tried British candy and I’ve got to say that it's not too bad. I'm eating rice and curry, and also fruit, a bit. There is a fruit stand near our flat and I can get fruit for a pretty good price. I got a coconut the other day. And I got a mango...that was good. And plantines which are like a banana, but taste more like a potato.

Things are going well. Training is really stressful, but it's alright. I appreciate what Elder Ball taught me a lot more now. I only hope that I'm doing an alright job. I find that experience is a great teacher; you just need to open your mouth and talk. I think we should do more street contacting on busy streets, that's what helped me a bit, continually trying to talk to people. Practice...
I met two guys named Wayne and Jason. I ran into a Polish gangster guy again...same one that said to us "I'm not your enemy, but I'm not your friend either". Also, he said "you go live your life, I'll live my street life" :) I love Polish people...

This week was good. Tomek came to church! I hope he enjoyed it. It was different because it was stake conference though. I think he felt a bit out of place at first. I got to translate for him, which I realized is harder than it looks. He actually knows Piotr already. So they both sat with Daniel. It was good to have all of them sitting together. Piotr was really funny with him. "Is this your first time....oh its wonderful!" "Yea it's not too bad, they just come to my house, read with me, and talk a bit". I'm excited to see how things work out. Also, last night we were walking and someone I had met saw us from the window and then called us (they said they would call us when they got into their new flat about three months ago) and we were able to visit with them. I'm starting to understand Polish and I love it. There's a man on the street named Henryk. He is an older chap and has a really nice mustache, to the point where we nicknamed him for a bit "the legendary mustache" I usually meet him on the street and we actually have a conversation, well he just likes to talk a lot, but I'm starting to understand more of what he is saying. I keep asking if we can share the Book of Mormon with him...I think I'm just meant to wear him down by being friendly with him and to keep asking; I'm starting to learn that persistence is the key, sometimes. Also, another man named Bob invited us back and now we're trying to teach him and his roommate.

So, I'm pretty excited and lots of good things are happening. Oh, I got challenged to have district meeting all in Polish. That should be an adventure and a bit of a challenge. I think it's possible, but still difficult. I remembered my camera today. Yes, those are chicken feet, and I ate one...

Love you

Starszy Ressler

Hull - May 13, 2013

Sorry, I don't really have much time today to email, but I did talk to you yesterday. It was really fun to Skype you. Sorry about the time difference. I usually get up around 6:30 a.m. my time anyway, that's like 11:30 p.m. your time.

I know that this week will be fun. Life is fun here and we're doing great! For p-day we had a BBQ. It tasted really good, a Hungarian elder cooked it! There are a lot of missionaries out now, and so I know that this work is hastening.

I'll tell you more about Elder Owens next week when I have a lot more time. But, he is a fun guy who likes movies.

Hope you have a good week.

Kocham cię,

Starszy Ressler

Hull - May 6, 2013

It's been warm here for the past couple days, I love it. This week was amazing and a little stressful! But it's good. This week I've been remembering when Elder Ball trained me. I was lucky to have a good trainer. I do love Elder Ball, he's an amazing missionary.

My son (in the mission) is Elder Owens. He's a good elder from California. He's 23 years old and loves to talk about the gospel and is really excited about missionary work. I look forward to serving with him. Elder DeShazer is training Elder Olsen who is from Utah and is 25. They are both good men and the work is now speeding up a bit. It's more work than I thought to train, but it’s good, it's pushing me personally to be a better person and missionary. They really are all great elders and we'll see miracles here in Hull.

I'm now forced to speak better in Polish. Well, I remember how it was just getting out of the MTC and talking to real live Poles. My Polish has come a really long way. I'm actually able to talk to Polish people and understand what they are saying. I have a testimony of the gift of tongues. I'm doing well.

We had to split up our area. Elder Owens and I are teaching the new member discussions to Daniel. I love him so much! He paid his tithing on Sunday for the first time. He has a testimony about tithing. He's shared his testimony with me about it a few times. This Sunday the whole family came to sacrament meeting. And they all looked so happy and so good together. Words cannot express the feelings in my heart that I have for them. These are the people that I want to see and be with in the Celestial Kingdom. I know that this is God's work and I'm so happy that Elder DeShazer and I were able to baptize him while we were still companions. I know that Daniel has a testimony and I think Justina is starting to realize that it is true as well. I cannot wait for the day when they are sealed together in the temple for all time and eternity as a family. I would love to be there, I don't know if I will, but that'd be wonderful. I was also really happy when they got married...ah! Sorry, I forgot my camera again! Daniel received the Aaronic Priesthood as well and was ordained by a brother who is in the bishopric. He also gave him his priesthood lineage which Daniel was interested in.

I remember when I was trained by Elder Ball, we really did see a lot of miracles, and I know that God is preparing us and people to find out about him. It was pre-ordained that we come to earth when we did and that Heavenly Father is closer to us than we think he is. I know that's true and that we meet so many amazing people who are given the chance to find God and have Eternal Life. I know that this is true. Daniel told us that when he first met us, about 90% of him said to just shut the door, but there was something small deep down about 10% that told him to listen. I know that, that was the Holy Ghost through the light of Christ, telling him to find the gospel.

We are teaching a man who didn't originally have a Christian background and he had trouble at first believing that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and our Savior. But he prayed and when he prayed he asked God and got a small answer and now he believes.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler