Leed - February 18, 2014

So Yesterday we got transfer calls. I'm moving, I'm going to Mansfield. It's down south by Sheffield, sort of. I think it's almost as down south I think. I'll be serving with Elder Hill, who I don't know and don't think I've ever heard of before. Actually, no one that I talk to knows who he is, but I've heard he's been out for about a year. It's exciting. Elder Mullen was in Mansfield last transfer and might still be there, I'm not sure though. I've heard that there is a factory down there where Polish people work, but we'll see I guess.

Elder Eisert is leaving, too. He is going to Barnsley and they are white-washing the area, meaning moving in two missionaries that are unfamiliar with the area. We are both really going to miss the people here. This is a really good area and I have loved serving here. I'll miss it a ton.

Yea it was an amazing week. We were also teaching an amazing Polish family. (I forwarded you the picture). This will be my last full transfer. Then, I will only have part of a transfer.

Today is a really nice day and super sunny. If Beverly is flooded, then Hull will be super flooded I'm guessing. I've heard about the floods, but here in Leeds we're fairly dry. We had some rain and some strong wind, but no floods. Leeds is really inland and has got some nice hills, so does Sheffield I think. I really did like Leeds though, and Hull. I think I'll miss them both, but it's also good to see another area and meet another missionary I didn't know before. I heard from Elder Ball that at the beginning of your mission and the end of your mission you know the least amount of missionaries, but because I was in Hull for a majority of my mission, I think it's pretty much always been like that for me.

You know though, I think I have changed, I don't see it too much, but I can tell I think. I'm still me, but a better me I think. Elder DeShazer at the beginning of him mission said that he didn't want to change, and our MTC teacher told us that we won't change, well we will, but we'll still be us. That's sort of how I feel. I think I've grown a lot, but I still have loads to grow.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler