Mansfield - March 10, 2014

Things are really good here in Mansfield.

I love the ward here, the members are so supportive and great. I loved Hull because I'd grown to love it after all that time and I have a lot of good memories. Leeds was big which was nice. Mansfield is smaller, but the people are friendly and the scenery is more friendly.

So Nottingham is just out of our mission, but we're so close to it! It's about a 30 min bus ride from here! I wish I could go down there. But I've been telling people that my ancestors came from Nottinghamshire, about 5 generations ago. I love it!

It's a bit different to me to be 21. I got a cake from Bev and Elder Mullen. I wasn't expecting anything for my birthday, so that was a surprise. It was a pretty good day though. I pretty much did missionary work on my birthday, but it was fun :) Bev is super nice, I would like to stay in contact, I think that'd be really good.

We are working on starting a Polish class and the ward is supporting it, to the point where there might actually be a member here who teaches it and I just support it....eventually. One thing I've learned from Mansfield is things just get done, instead of just talking about things and planning things, they just do it then and there, or plan to do it. It's hard to explain, but it's been pretty effective.

There hasn't been a time change yet. I don't know if there will be one, maybe later on.

St. Patrick's day is an Irish thing, I think a lot of the celebration is just going to a pub and drinking.

Elder Hill is super excited and happy about the spring. He keeps pointing out flowers and stuff. He's from California and says it's summer all year round for him so he doesn't experience spring (his first spring). It is getting warmer here which is super, super good. I'm hoping it doesn't snow. Mansfield area is made up of a towns and villages. I see a lot more scenery which makes me happy. I met an investigator who returned from his holiday in Cuba. He is really good and has a lot of potential. The ward members love him and he has a testimony in God helping him to quit drinking.

Also we went by a Polish investigators and he said he went on the web site I left him, that made me happy. I'm glad things are going good back home.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler