Mansfield - April 17, 2014

So I know I emailed you just a few days ago, but because of Easter weekend I won't be able to email you next week. So we were told to email you all on Saturday. Well the thing is that we are super busy on Saturday. So they told us to email you on Friday. Well the Library is closed on Friday. So they told us to email you today.

Not a whole lot has happened except Elder Larson came from the MTC in Provo. He is from California. Elder Mullen is training him and I'm just helping him with his polish. I like him; he's a pretty nice guy.

I've also been sticking around with Elder Hoxha because he is still waiting for his new companion to arrive from America. I hear that he is waiting for his visa.

For sure, we'll have to come back here, I can show you around; I'd love that. I guess you'll only get one more email from me after this until I see you, I think.

I am well though and happy! I hope that you are all doing great, I'm so excited to see you all in 12 days! It's crazy how short of a time all that is. I bet home has changed a little bit since I've been there.

I'm still working hard though. I'm pretty tired all the time though. But I still have fun.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend as well!


Starszy Ressler