Mansfield - March 24, 2014

I'm really good, we've had a great week.

Lately it's been sunny and warm, but also there's been weird rain and hail (even though the sun is shining). But it's been over all really nice and we're all doing well.

We are starting to teach English lessons again. We've made up some flyers and now we are putting them up in Polish shops. So this is fun. We've really just been keeping busy. I find that there is so much to do and so little time left for me to do it. We are teaching some really good people who are making some good progress. A girl who is nine and is our ward mission leader's daughter. She is really fun and energetic. Then there is a woman who is friends with a member who invited her to seminary and she came. And now even though that member has left off to the university she is still coming to church and now looking to be baptized, which is super exciting. Then also we are seeing a man who is a really good guy.

For conference we will probably watch it at the church. It's a lot different watching it as a missionary, I think it seems to click better for me, or maybe I am just able to focus more, or it could be because I'm a bit more mature. But I usually find things that I really like.

Food wise, I learned a new pasta dish from another missionary, it's really good. It's basically like milk, eggs and cheese, but it is really good. I also have been making some sandwiches lately. Polish sandwich meat is the best! We met this really nice shop keeper when we were putting up flyers for our English lessons and he gave us some Polish food, it was really good, I insisted on paying for it, but he gave it to us for free. He said that we were helping Polish people out, so he was going to do something for us. I wish he was interested in the Gospel because he'd make a really great member I think. Maybe we're planting some seeds here.

I'm going off to New Stead Abbey, I'm super excited, I'll try to take some pictures for you all.

Love you all,

Starszy Ressler