Leeds - January 27, 2014

To be honest, I can't believe how fast January is moving on. It's amazing how fast time flies when you're focused on something.

I'm super glad I came to England, it's a beautiful place and there's a ton of good people.

I like the rain, but I don't like being in it for too long. But it's pretty nice. I do like a sunny day every once in a while though. It really hasn't snowed here. It did one day, but it all melted away about an hour later, so not a huge change.

At the start of my mission, I felt a bit tired and wondered if I'd ever be less tired on my mission. I've found this is not true! I always feel so tired, but I suppose that's a sign I'm working hard.

We had an alright week and taught a couple lessons.

Monday we went and met with a young woman and we brought a member with us. The woman studies Theology, and it's looking like she'll teach it when she graduates. She has come to several ward activities, but not to church yet.

Tuesday we went by to see a man who doesn't really believe in God because he is looking for a sign. But he says he’s open minded; and is also trying to quit smoking. We also had “tea” (dinner) with Sister Wilson, she's so great and she has a really strong testimony of baptisms for the dead and temple work. She is a convert and when she learned about baptisms for the dead, loved it.

Wednesday was interesting. We went to the hospital to visit an elderly member who had a heart attack. When we got to the hospital we found that he went to the hospital on Saturday, and left on Sunday, so he's alright.

Thursday was good. We went by to see one of our investigators, but she wasn't home, so we went to her sister’s and taught the children there. At first they were all over the place and I could tell the mom was getting a bit frustrated. So we taught them about prophets and I brought a picture book, that had pictures of prophets and they were hooked!

We just had a meeting with our zone. It was good. President Pilkington is trying to get us to not say that we're from Utah. He wants us to tell people that "we've come all the way from the Rocky Mountains to share a message that makes people happy" Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I've had people say "where's that?" But sometimes it's good.

Friday we had interviews and zone specialized training. President talked to me about sprinting to the end of my mission. During the meeting we were instructed on finding and talking to people. It was good. We were taught how to approach people in a more human and less robotic way. It seems to work well too.

So that was most of my week. Hope you have a good one.


Starszy Ressler