Leeds - November 26, 2013

I'm good; I'm still here in Leeds with Elder Eisert, so no changes for me. I can't believe that Elder Ball goes home in only a few short weeks, nor can I believe that it's already December pretty much. Ah, time goes by so, so fast!

Here's an exert I wrote about a family we visited on Sunday: We recently tried by a family, and they welcomed us in warmly. I think they know that they should be going to church. We talked for a while and got to know them. Then, we shared a spiritual though with them and they all listened intently. We felt the spirit enter the room as we testified of Jesus Christ. I hope they all felt it as well and hopefully we can rekindle that fire of testimony that once burned within them. I think they are a lovely family and can help build up the ward a lot. They're a great family and I hope that they'll come back. The daughter Megan is 16 and goes to church and Young Women. I think she begs the rest of the family to take her, or to come themselves, hopefully we can help them come back too. I think they really like missionaries, so we are able to see them, but now it's the hard part of trying to love them so they come back. It's not really hard to love someone. It's part of developing charity, which is the love that Jesus Christ has for all of us. I think that this is key, loving them enough so that they feel it and come back. We're doing our best here; I know that our efforts aren't wasted.

Sounds like everyone is doing good; I can't wait to see you all at Christmas time. I think I'll be at Bev's for Christmas Eve, so maybe I could Skype you all then. That way you'll have plenty of time to Skype Brendon on Christmas, I don't know, it's up to you.

Thanks for all that you've encouraged me to be. There's a quote I read somewhere, I think from Preach My Gospel, "More important than what you do however, is who you are." I know that from a lot of experiences I've had on my mission that have helped me be someone that Heavenly Father wants me to be. I know that there is “who I'd like to be” and there is “who Heavenly Father wants me to be” and I know that if we're humble enough, hopefully the person that we want to be and the person that Heavenly Father sees that we can be, aren't too far off. We just need to trust him I think. I've learned so much about life and myself. And I know that I still have a lot to learn.

I really do like being on a mission, I think that it's been fun. Well, it's gone by so fast and so it must've been fun. There isn't any other time in the world that I'll be able to do this. I need to make the most of it.

I can't believe that it's December next week! I love the autumn and I'd argue that it's one of the most beautiful times of the year. I always reflect a bit of the symbolism of the old dying (autumn), being washed clean (winter) and then a re-birth (spring). It's not too different from the symbolism of baptism; the old self dying, being washed clean through the blood of Christ, and then the re-birth.

I love you so much,

Starszy Ressler

Leeds - November 18, 2013

This week was good. Elder Eisert and I are starting to do better in the area as well. It was amazing we picked a street one day and we felt like we should knock the right side of the street and on the first house the lady said she was Christian. I smiled and said that's great! We got in with them and found out that they had just been baptized into another church about three years ago. The husband told us his conversion story. A friend of his, had always been trying to get him to be religious, but he was simply just not interested. One day his friend asked him to read a scripture and said something like, "I don't want you to miss out on all this," so he started to wonder a bit. I felt the spirit as he told us that he went to his room and asked God to forgive him for all that he did. It's interesting to see that even though people aren't members of our faith, they do know one thing and that is that they can be forgiven of their sins through Jesus Christ. I felt the spirit, so I don't doubt that the experience that he had was true. They searched for ages for a church that they agreed on, (they even thought about making their own), then they found this other one. They are so prepared. I can't wait to go back and share about the Restoration with them!

Sadly, that Polish family is going away to Poland until December, (well half of them are). Wouldn't that be amazing if they ran into missionaries there?

I think there must be a reason I came all the way to England to speak Polish. I know that I've been able to teach a few Polish people, but there's got to be another reason as well. I don't really know though. I'd love to go to Poland someday, I think I will. Mom's cousin lives there. I tell all the Polish people that my mom's cousin lives in Warsaw. So I've got some sort of connection to Poland.

Elder Eisert is good, he’s a fun Elder. Yea, it's Elder Eisert's birthday next week. It's funny how I've been companions with all my companions during their birthdays. Yes you can buy cakes here :) You can pretty much buy anything here. We'll have to plan something special for his birthday.

Sounds like stake conference went well. We have it here in Leeds this Sunday and the stake president has requested that all full time missionaries go to the adult session on Saturday night, so that'll be good. We have stake conference in a different city because the stake is so big, and the building over there (about a 25 minute car drive away) is big enough for us.

I really do enjoy talking to people. I've learned as well that I need to develop more patience. I guess it's just one of those things that we all need to work on in life.

We had exchanges with the zone leaders last week. I went with Elder Grimaldi; he is from Italy and has learned to speak English. He's pretty good, (he still struggles with it at times though, but speaks pretty well). He told me that something I could work on is "looking people in the eyes and smiling" so that's something I've been trying to do and it's been working out alright. I think that I used to not be a very confident person, but I've gotten a bit more confident, so that's real good.

Sadly, I am not allowed to write to other missionaries here in my mission boundaries. But I think I'll see Elder DeShazer again. We'll probably be the only two Elders going home in our group I think. I hope he's doing alright. I hear Elder Mullen is alright. I think Elder Ball is happy to be back in Hull.

Well, I love you; hope you have a good week.

Starszy Ressler

Leeds - November 11, 2013

Sounds like the family is doing great! I think it's great that you make time to spend with each other. I suppose it isn't really important the activity, just the fact that you do it together.

Today is Remembrance Day here. Everyone wears a poppy; it's a little red flower. I got a pin, so that was nice. It's in remembrance for those who fought in the war. I like it loads. And then at 11:00 everyone stops and takes 2 min of silence no matter where you are.

So this past week we had interviews with President Pilkington. I like him; he's really great and a great speaker.

I got your letter it was so great, thanks! I sent you one that you should get this week I think. I also mentioned in it my release date, it's March 27th. Ah, time goes by too fast. I can't believe that it's already November! And November 11th at that!

This week we taught a Polish family. It's interesting because I rarely teach Polish now days. And I pretty much never teach a whole family. It was really good. I felt the spirit. I hope they did. I was so happy after that lesson. We met the mother the week before and came back and taught them on Thursday! They are the nicest people. She cooked for us a desert called Naleszniki. It's like a pancake crepe. So good! She had looked up a bit on the Internet about Mormons and loves the fact that we don't drink or smoke. She asked if I'd ever drank and I said I've never, ever drank and she pretty much clapped her hands with joy. Then, when we asked to pray the father asked, "When was the last time we prayed together as a family?" and the daughter said, "Never." Then the father was like, "That's not good, let's say a prayer together." Ah, it was a really good lesson!

That's so great you met that lady who is Polish in Moab! What are the odds right? I really, really, really, really, don't want to lose the Polish that I have learned. I'd like to keep using it. I'm not really perfect at it, but I've done alright for someone learning it in England. There are so many words I still don't know! But I love talking in Polish; it's my favorite, just having a conversation. I think I have a strange ability to understand people who don't speak English well.

Recently, I've been eating with chop-sticks for pretty much anything I can, pasta and rice, that's my diet so far. I made this really good pasta the other day. I've become not too bad of a cook I think.

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, not from seeing him, but from my experience in the gospel.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler


1. What is your favorite thing to do on P-day? I'm not sure. We usually watch movies, or play basketball. Today I might get my hair cut. I like to go to town and check it out.
2. What is the coolest thing that happened this week/on your mission? We taught a Polish family!!
3. What is the best food/yuckiest food you've had so far? Black Pudding :( the best is Naleszniki (Polish)

Leeds - November 4, 2013

It's going amazing. Some days are better than others, but this week hasn't been too bad.

We got to stay in for Halloween because well...it'd be odd two missionaries knocking on doors Halloween night. People wouldn't take us seriously, I think.

Ah Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and your pies!! But it's all good. It's sad they don't have that here in England. But this Tuesday is Bonfire night. That'll be interesting. I heard that in Hare Hills cars and houses sometimes catch fire. I'd hate to be a fire fighter here.

Ah so, so, so, so good!! The highlight of my week...We were knocking in an area where I knew a few Polish people lived. We approached one house and there was a car and a man unloading a wooden table from his car. So that the situation wasn't awkward we approached the man thinking that he lived there. He said he knew who we were and why we were there and that he wasn't really interested and he didn't live there. Then he said that his friend spoke Polish and didn't really understand English, so that wouldn't be a help. So then after the man left we knocked the house. I saw a lady in the window, but she didn't answer :(....So we knocked part of the street, and continued on. At the time it was to go to a different street. I felt that we should try by the house again. As we opened the gate the lady was outside walking towards us. I talked to her. We ended up talking in Polish for about 30 min. (so, so, good). That's the longest I've talked in Polish for weeks I think. And she had heard of the Book of Mormon and we gave her a copy. And we are going back on WEDNESDAY!!! That totally made my week! Elder Eisert jokes with me that I talk to foreigners better than English people. I think this is true. I love Eastern European people. I think that Heavenly Father has allowed me to serve them because he knew I'd love them. I love speaking Polish when I get to use it. Even if it's only a brief conversation it makes me so happy.

Elder Owens is in Scunthorpe!! I had heard there were Polish people there, but I didn't see that one coming. I wonder if President is finding out where all the Polish people live.

I bought a new jacket; it was cheap, but really nice. I realized I like jackets here better than back home.

Ah this week has been good. And this next week holds more adventures. I'm way excited.

I love you loads!!

Starszy Ressler