Hull - January 28, 2013

Things are going well here. I'm starting to grow really attached to Hull; it's a lovely city and some days I am amazed that I am in England. I love the people here even more than I used to.

I'm amazed at the changes that are happening with everyone having children, getting married, or going on a mission. It's good to see that the world goes on even when I'm not there. But it seems things are always changing. Even here there are some people we talk to over again, because we've been in the area for a while and sometimes we see some change of hearts in the people we meet.

When David was baptized they played the movie “Just a Stonecutter” and Piotr was there. Elder DeShazer translated for him. He really enjoyed the movie and he kept saying “finja film” which means great movie. It is good to see the dedication that people have to God. I see that in a lot of Polish people even though some of them aren't very interested in hearing about anything about the gospel.

Daniel, David, and Piotr all have such testimonies; they know it's true. Daniel is doing well and is coming to church regularly. He is now looking to get married, which is a lot more difficult to do here in England than it is to do in America (there's a lot more you have to do legal wise). But they're in the process of getting things worked out and then he can be baptized. It'll be amazing when both he and Piotr are baptized. I can't wait for when that day comes. But all in good time I think. We're still looking for more people to teach at the moment.

I'm also excited for Brendon to go on a mission. I think it'll be a good experience for him. I too am curious to where he'll go but I know that there is a place the Lord has prepared just for him.

I'm mostly better from the sickness and doing a lot better (I keep telling myself that). We had to take a few half days off and sleep towards the beginning of last week, but now we're up and running again (still recovering though). The sad part of it is that even though I'm not really sick any more I've lost my voice (Imagine me trying to talk to people on the streets with no voice). It's rather hard and I've found one of my favorite things to do is street contact even when I have no voice. But it's do-able and I know that good things are coming just around the corner.

Love you

Starszy Ressler