Hull - January 7, 2013

The hardest part about a holiday is getting back into everyday life. But I'm sort of secretly happy that the holidays are over because a lot of people don't want to meet with the missionaries over the holidays. They would say that they were busy until after the holidays. Now they have no excuse! But I did enjoy it myself a bit.

This week sure has gone by fast. It's been a good week. David is doing really well, I'm happy for him. David's the only one who'd be of an eligible age to serve on a mission if he chooses to. Today I remembered my camera, so I'll be able to send a lot of the pictures I took recently.

I think sometimes patience is a good thing. I think that things will happen in their own time and that they will happen, we just need to be a bit patient. I heard from Daniel. He went to church in Poland two weeks ago, also he's talked to his family and everything is ok. So I think that means that when he comes home and when we see him we can make plans with him to work towards being baptized!

This week, Elder DeShazer and I did a lot of walking. We did a lot of finding. I think we found some really good people who can progress. We met a family who asked us a lot of questions and seemed interested a bit. I think if we keep working with them they'll do well.

The first ever Chinese group got started here in Hull. They'll have sacrament meeting and Sunday school all in Chinese. I'm really happy. I heard that they had about 20 Chinese people come. I think eventually we'll get a Polish group just like that. We just got to go and find all the people first, which is happening. I just got to stay diligent and patient. Things will work out.

I'm getting better at understanding and speaking Polish. It's a hard language, but I like it. There are a lot of Z's and W's and Y's for example. You'll sometimes see a lot of 'szcz' and yes, that does make a sound. or like mblga. Sometimes there's stuff like that. Chlopaki is how you say 'man' in polish like 'Hey man! but it's sort of slang. Actually, it means ‘boy’, but I hear it a lot. Like 'listen, boy!' is how it really translates. Life's good. My week was good. We did a ton of finding though. It's funny when people will tell you that an area is really dodgy, but you go there anyway, and it's really not that dodgy at all. We did over 25 hours of finding, which is sort of a lot, but also a bit average. We're really trying to find some more people to teach right now.

On P-days we usually clean the flat for about 30 min, then come email, go shopping, and then just hang out. Sometimes we do stuff like watch approved movies or play basketball. One day the whole zone got together and had a giant nerf war in the church. That was fun. The sister missionaries cheated though…no fun. It's pretty nice to have some time together. It’s weird to wear normal clothes. It just feels different for me now. I'm used to wearing a shirt and tie now. At first I thought I’d hate wearing one. But now it's weird not to.

Wow, that should be a very good bishopric (our home ward got a new bishopric on Sunday). I know that men are called of God in these latter days to be our leaders and are given the priesthood authority. That authority is the power that God gives to us for the salvation of his children here on earth.

Love you tons,

Starszy Ressler