Hull - January 21, 2013

The work this week was alright, but a bit slow. Do you remember my dear friend Sean who was baptized back in the summer? He is making progress to come back and has come to church two weeks in a row now. On Wednesday he was sick and asked if we could run to the store and get some cold medicine for him. We did that and then gave him a blessing. He was having chills lying on the floor and didn't want to move because it hurt. After the blessing, he stood right up and said he was doing better. I know Heavenly Father loves him and wants him to come back. Sadly though on Thursday Elder DeShazer caught the cold that was going around and then on Friday I got it too. So we spent half of Friday and half of Saturday in bed. I feel a lot better now, but still a bit iffy. But the truth is I can't just sit around too much longer and by the time that I hear from you again I'll be fully healed.

There’s a lot more moisture here in England than Utah so the cold lasts a lot longer, I'm excited for it to go. Don't worry, I'm doubling up with my super dry jacket and my nice fleece one that's grown a bit too big for me now days; so it's perfect to fit on top of another coat. It works out decently well. I'm pretty toasty.

Our mission is going to get about 98 new missionaries by July. That includes 4 new Chinese speaking missionaries and 2 new Polish speaking elders. So we're going to get some help soon. Piotr is in Poland at the moment and Daniel is back with his family. Daniel's family gave him the alright to be baptized and now all we are waiting for is for them to get married and then he can get baptized. Daniel really is an amazing man; he's someone I want to be more like. He's very diligent and loyal. He sometimes only gets a few hours of sleep and then still comes to church the next day.

It really is amazing to see all the miracles that happen. I know that God lives. It's sad to see so many people that refuse to trust him; they have no problem blaming him but won't trust him. Just the other day a man stopped us and was yelling at us, blaming God for the snow (like 2 inches). That's sort of a joke. But the truth is that England shuts down when they get just a little bit of snow. David, who we just baptized last month, said he saw a picture of Canada where the snow was as high as a house and then he was like 'stop complaining England.' It's sort of funny.

My only hope is that this mission does some good to either me, the people, or the world we live in; I'm confident I'm making a decent dent in it all. You know I've had my ups and downs here; some days are really good and others are a lot harder. But I suppose all I can do about it is keeping it all up. Life is just one big adventure.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler