Hull - February 4, 2013

It now gets dark around 5:30 p.m. instead of 4:00, it's staying lighter longer!!

My companion and I are both healthy now, so things are going good. We've had a full week’s worth of work and now we're starting to see some good things happen.

We have experienced a change of heart story. There's a man who we just met with last night for the first time. Funny enough, I've knocked on his door about three times before. The first time his father answered and said he wasn't interested. The second time he answered and said ‘no’ then shut the door in our face. But then a few weeks later, we were in the area and met him on the street. He said that he wouldn't have done that if he had known who we were and what we were about. He saw Mormons on the television and says that he is really interested. He studied to become a priest in Poland, so he knows quite a bit about religion. He likes to ponder and think about it all rather than just read the scriptures. He said he'll read the whole Book of Mormon, if he can, and find out if it's true. He's really busy and is the manager at a factory and works a lot. But, he'll give it a try.

Also, we met with a less active man, Steven. He joined the church in the ‘90s and hasn't been back for a long time. He originally said that he lost his faith because of all the sad things that were happening in the world. We left him our number on the back of a pamphlet. He read that pamphlet over and over again a few times and then called us back the next day saying that basically he'd like to get back into it.
I know that the gospel is true and that the spirit does work on people and that they are being prepared. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time. I know that the gospel is the best way to find peace in this world; because it brings me the most happiness.

Daniel came to church yesterday. He also said the prayer in Sunday School in Polish! It was amazing. It's interesting because, even though I don't know everything that Polish people say, I still somehow know what they are saying sometimes. I feel it. I'm not sure exactly how that works, but it does, and I'm so grateful for the spirit to help me. Without it, I’d be nowhere.

Our ward is pretty good. It's apparently pretty big for a ward here. It's about the size of our ward back home, except the area is a lot bigger (enough that we can't walk across it in five minutes like you can). The members here are really nice. A lot of them are related, but they all are close friends and are really kind to other people. There are a few who feed us regularly: Sister Waslin, who is originally from Beverly, is kind enough to have all six missionaries over once a week. She has a dog, Bella, who is a Jack Russell terrier. Also, the Levitts are here. Brother Levitt is super funny and works in the music industry. The Roys are a young family, which I love to see, and are into football. Brother Roy's father tries to run us over with his car when he sees us. He came within a foot of me one time. He's just joking around...I think. Also, the Taylors are here. They have a few foster and adopted children. They have one of their daughters is looking to go on a mission soon. Also, the Gregorys are also a young family in the ward. Sister Gregory makes the best seasoned potatoes I've ever had. Bishop Sanderson is one of the kindest men I've met. He does a good job looking after the members in this ward and he's super busy like all bishops are (I think you know a bit about that, Dad). Also, there is Sister Ryan who we go and do service for every once in a while (we painted last Friday). I've come to love the members here; they are the best. I really don't want to leave Hull. I've grown fond of the people and the city.

Love you tons,

Starszy Ressler