Hull - July 29, 2013

England is great! It's pretty warm, but also raining a lot more now. I think we've reached the rainy season. It's almost August, I can't believe it. You know I talked to a senior couple and the husband said that when he served his mission, he served in an area for 13 months as well. He said that he knocked a sky scraper apartment building seven times! So I guess it's nothing too new. Members sometimes joke and laugh about how long we've served here, but whatever; I'll go wherever I'm needed.

One night (I think Thursday) we got a visitor during our planning. It was Elder Vest and his Dad. He's gone home now, but his father picked him up and he was showing him around. I'll really miss Elder Vest; he was our district leader a while back and a good missionary. I've seen a lot of friends I've made go home and now I'm getting to the point on my mission where the missionaries that I know, or the ones that were our leaders are going home, like Elder Griffiths, Elder Taylor, lots of legendary missionaries. There are more and more newer missionaries. We got three brand new missionaries in our ward (out of the 10 of us) and then we are also going to get new senior missionaries. The Olson’s are going home this week. I'll miss them as well. The Gibbs, I think, are the new ones. They come the day after the Olson’s leave, I think.

Daniel really liked the temple. Justyna didn't go with him. He tells us that she feels something it's just that she is shy (a lot of it has to do with the usual Polish concern of family and tradition of being Catholic). He said that he wants to take her there and walk around the temple grounds with her and then maybe she'll take an interest. I haven't seen the family in weeks, but Daniel at church. He's good and faithfully and comes each week.

Brendon seems like he's getting closer and closer to leaving. It'll be crazy when he actually goes. You'll have to get me his address (the mission home) so I can send him letters. And he can email me as well so that's all good. He's only got a few weeks left. I hope the family is well and safe and having fun. Enjoy the time left you have with Brendon, make some fun memories cause you'll not see him for a few years. Also, Harrison will he not see him for three or four years, if he goes on a mission right away.

I'm really glad that I went to Pennsylvania before I left. I really enjoyed connecting with family and hearing my grandparent’s conversion stories. He'll have to ask them about that. Funny enough English people are fascinated with Amish people!

I miss the temple. I'm excited to go again someday. I think I'll understand more as well, just because I've got a whole new perspective now on life and some experience in the work of salvation. Oh, I long for the day when Daniel and Justyna get sealed in the temple. I've come to love Daniel and his family so, so much!

Thank you for your prayers and your fasts. I know now what it's like to come to love someone and then see them not accept the gospel even after they have had a spiritual witness. I can understand just a little bit more what Heavenly Father feels when we aren't obedient either, even when we know it's the right thing to do. I'm not quite done with the work and as far as I'm concerned I'm going to try my best to move the work along.

Elder Owens and I are doing really well together. He's getting used to me. I've realized something about myself. I don't understand some forms and concepts of sarcasm! I first really realized this when serving with Elder DeShazer in the MTC. I think there is some sort of social sign that I just don't pick up. I've been told every once and I while that someone is just being sarcastic! Elder Owens is a great elder. He is very obedient and does well. I've seen his Polish improve quite a lot in the past 12 weeks I've been with him. I think that it'll continue to improve. I hope that my Polish will continue to improve as well.

We're doing really well. I can't complain. You know a friend once asked me about how my mission was going. He asked if I'd been successful in bringing anyone into the gospel and I said that I've helped five people get baptized, but that only a few were still active. He just looked at me and said something I wasn't expecting. "Then it's been a success!" Remember in the scriptures is says "oh how great shall be your joy" if you can bring one person to the gospel. I know that you'll be a great missionary. No matter what work you do, or even how small or big it is. If you do your best, then your mission was a success!

I love hearing from you all!

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler