Hull - July 8, 2013

On the Fourth of July we had a tea appointment, which means that we go to a member's house and they feed us. We went to the Taylor Family. They are really funny. There are nine kids living there currently! We usually share a spiritual thought. We read a scripture about America and then all four of us (the Polish Elders) burst out and sang to them the National Anthem. It was really good and patriotic. Then, the dad was like, "that's a lot of rubbish" (because they're English). I didn't realize how much I love our country until I left for two years.

In Hull there were at one point two teams of Chinese speaking missionaries, because this is where the Chinese group is. It's crazy right now, Sister Lam from Hong Kong is the only Chinese speaker and she's basically running the whole group. She’s pretty stressed I can tell. They need backup for her or she'll burn out. Training usually takes 12 weeks. This is her first area. She was trained for six weeks then asked to train. And now she's pretty much trained a new sister and the only Chinese speaker. I know that there are about eight other Chinese speakers in the mission. I think they'll have someone come help her out or something. If Elder Li does come to Hull, I'll have to tell him I know the Roberts. Oh, the Oreo and doughnut thing was a zone P-day. Once a transfer, we get together as a whole zone and do something. The zone leaders planned out some fun activities. They were trying to do a bob for apples thing, but instead they bought eggs (they're cheaper), so it was like a bob for eggs. It really didn't work out too well.

I remember a man that we contacted on the street said something like that leaving the Catholic Church is like saying you're not a Pol. I guess that's what I've been facing this whole time. And now I can see even more what a miracle it is that Daniel got baptized, even more that his family was okay with him being baptized. Daniel told an experience. He went to a friend’s birthday party and was the only one not drinking! Then, one of his friends told him that he would like to not drink like that as well. Justina keeps commenting to Daniel on how much he's changed. I told him that he is setting the example for his friends and family. Daniel got a temple recommend to do baptisms, he is going this Saturday!! I'm really happy about that.

Well, we got a new mission president, President Pilkington. He is from England and is pretty funny. He's not used to shaking hands or giving hugs, yet....that'll change soon, I think. He talked to us in York and he gave a speech and reminded me a bit like Winston Churchill. I wrote in my notes "President Pilkington=Winston Churchill? (then a few minutes later) yep!" I like him.

We've been teaching a great man. We met him knocking and he was only sort of lukewarmly interested. We missed our first appointment with him, he wasn't in and we also forgot about it. But then we ran into him on the street. When we went by, he wasn't in, so we continued knocking on the street where we left off. He showed up about 15 min later, he was late for some reason. It was quite a miracle, I suppose, that we even started teaching him. He will even testify to that, that there had to be some divine intervention to us meeting. He hasn't had the easiest life. At first, I didn't really think that it was going anywhere anytime soon. But on Wednesday was the start of the turning point. He had so many hard and difficult questions and we really had to be tested on our patience. Then, we met again on Friday night and it just all (for lack of a better word) exploded. I felt the spirit so strong, it was really weird, I just could feel love for him so strongly, and the spirit was there so strongly. It's a feeling I don't think I could forget very easily. I don't really know how to explain it. Then, we saw him on Saturday and we were all a bit emotionally and spiritually drained a bit. But he’s going to be baptized on the 21st of July. He even bore his testimony on Sunday. He's doing really well.

I'm really happy for Brendon! It's all happening so soon. Soon enough he'll be gone, then it's Elder Ressler. That's crazy to think there'll be two Elder Resslers at the same time. I'd be happy if Brendon, Harrison, and maybe even Sadie and Addie go on missions! I know that it'd be worth their time and effort and that they'd have the time of their lives. I won't lie a mission is hard, but it's definitely worth it, being able to see so many changes in people's lives. Even though a lot of people don't really care, or listen, there are a few who do, a few who this affects. I'm grateful to be here. I'm grateful you (Dad) served a mission and set that example for me.

Love you much

Starszy Ressler (the 2nd) (Brendon will be the 3rd, Harrison the 4th, and possibly some Sister Resslers?)