Hull - July 15, 2013

I'm doing terrific!

John is getting baptized soon on Sunday. At his baptismal interview he studied and prepared a five page presentation on his journey to baptism. He did it on his own and it was almost identical to the Doctrine of Christ in chapter 31 of 2 Nephi. He did it because he said that anyone could just simply answer ‘yes’ to the questions and get baptized, but he wanted to show that he is serious. He's pretty much a member now; he participates in church and is really good. I get to give a talk at his baptism.

Also, I got to conduct my first baptismal interview. Her name is Pauline. She's a very nice lady. It sort of hit me with amazement that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to call me as a missionary and as a district leader, and that I have the authority to judge in His place if someone is ready to be baptized. It was quite the spiritual experience. I felt the spirit and could feel God’s love for her. It's hard to explain, but I know that this work is true and of God.

In the Ensign there is an article about a Slovakian group being started in Sheffield, England. I know some of those missionaries! The 'new companion' Joe McKay was one of my zone leaders after that happened. And Elder Page (in one of the photos) was an assistant (both are home now). And the missionary shaking hands (the Czech Republic missionary) is Elder Juran, He's still here in the mission and is a really powerful missionary. I've met the group leader, Ferro, and talked to him in Polish/Slovakian! Pretty amazing stuff; that group is now a branch.

I can't believe how fast time has flown. I've really been here for a whole year (longer now). I'm a dinosaur! But looking back I have really seen myself grow a whole lot. I know that Brendon will enjoy his mission, the hard times to grow from and the good times to remember forever. There are so many spiritual experiences. I've felt it's helped me grow my own testimony as I try to help others grow their own testimonies.

I've realized that God is preparing me to be a parent someday. We had a meeting for district leaders and basically it was on obedience and how we need to be a bit more diligent because the standard of obedience doesn't change, it's us who just get lax about it. They made a comment about how this will help us be a better parent someday. So that sort of hit me that I need to prepare now for that blessing someday. I think Heavenly Father is a perfect example of a good parent. He has his standards (the commandments) and he blesses us when we are obedient to them.

Yea, Elder Owens is a great cook; I sometimes see what he does. He said he's going to make popcorn with coconut oil or something like that. I'm excited!

Daniel has his temple recommend, but didn't get to go. The ward organizes temple trips where they all pitch in and drive together or rent a coach (bus). So maybe in a few weeks he mentioned something about taking Justyna and walking about the temple grounds... :)

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler