Hull - April 30, 2013

It's been a lot warmer here in Hull. I love it being warm. It rains every once and a while, but I think that Hull gets sheltered a bit from most of the rain, so it's not too bad.

Daniel was baptized on April 28th at about 9:00 in the morning. I was able to perform the baptism in Polish and Elder DeShazer confirmed him, the first part in English and the blessing in Polish. He has turned out to be a great friend to us. He is a man of great faith. I know that he'll do well, and I've heard his testimony many times. I took pictures, but forgot my camera today...I’ll send them next week! Daniel is so amazing and I'm so happy for him; he looked so happy. He has been so prepared for the gospel and also has come a long way. When talking about his experience in church, he simply said he was baptized "because it's true".

Well, Elder DeShazer and I are now training and we'll find out who our companions will be tomorrow. I'm excited, but also a bit nervous to train. I think that we'll do alright. We're both staying here in Hull. I've been assigned as a district leader, so things are about to get very busy and interesting real soon. I hope things go well. In our ward there are now 12 missionaries!! Two Polish teams, two Chinese teams, one English team, and a senior couple. That's pretty intense. One of our zones got split and we are getting a ton of new missionaries. The work truly is hastening. I know that's good.

To be honest, getting referrals from members is the preferred way to find investigators. I've gotten a few. If a member can refer someone, it gives that person more of a chance to be baptized because 1) they are fellowshipped, 2) they know someone who is normal (not just a missionary), and 3) they can develop friendships and it's easy to trust that friendship with the members.

We're really trying to find people to teach. There is a great guy named Mark who we are trying to teach and his family.

In the Polish language they like to use the last letters of the alphabet. For example, a word I'm learning is wzywac, which means to summon/call/or appeal. But, there is a wzyz all next to each other. I do like Polish a lot, though.

I don't feel in danger when I go out, even to dodgy areas, because I know that God is protecting us and I've already seen my life being protected as a missionary here, so I know that nothing is going to happen without Heavenly Father knowing it.

There is no way that I could have learned Polish as much as I have without the gift of tongues, something I guess Brendon will experience soon. I've never prayed so much in my life. There are several times when a word I didn't know comes into my head and then I'll use it; then look it up later and, sure enough, it was the right word I meant to say. Also, there are people out there that are seeking for the gospel; they just don't simply know where to find it. Daniel was baptized on Sunday. You know that we saw his house in Poland on Google maps. He lived in a small village with only about five houses and miles away from the nearest town. He never probably would have heard the gospel if he hadn't come to England. He was so prepared and was seeking for the truth, but didn't know where to find it. Two weeks before we found him, he prayed and asked God "where the true church was" and then one night a while later we knocked on his door and he asked, "Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?" and we said "no." He asked, "Oh, then what are you?" (with a face full of relief). Then, we started teaching him and it all just clicked. Now, here is the other end of the story. Elder Ball and I were struggling to find Polish people to teach. We met a lady who lived a ways off in an area we wouldn't normally go to. We started teaching her and also finding in the area. I remember specifically praying to know where we should go to find a Polish person who is seeking the gospel. We went to the next street over. Then, we said another prayer and asked if we should try the side streets on the right. We knocked on the first door of one of the side streets and asked the lady if any Polish people lived in the area. She directed us to the next side street over. The first door that we knocked on was Daniel. I know for certainty that it was no coincidence that we were led to him. I know that it was inspired and I know that this is our Heavenly Father's work.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler