Hull - April 15, 2013

Things are good here. It is weird that it's been almost a year on a mission. I do feel like I've developed some skill. It's weird too because a few weeks back we were sort of going through a drought of people to teach and with finding new people to teach. We felt like we were doing some of the best finding that we had ever been doing, but yet, no one wanted to listen. I wonder if sometimes we get pushed just a little bit more, even when we are already at our best. But this week was a lot better we found a family that has a lot of potential.

Daniel and Justina were married on Saturday; it was a nice service. Usually in England, people get married in the Church of England, but now people get married in town hall, too. So, that's where they got married.

Also, I sent you a picture of a satellite dish. If you look closely, it says "pol-sat". That means Polish TV...thus meaning Polish people live there. That's one of the ways that we do some of our finding (well we talk to everyone, but that's one way we find Polish people). Pretty nifty, eh?

I heard something about a war, but I really don't get to hear much news. Most news we get to hear about is from people we talk to. Sort of a "You haven't heard?" experience. It's a bit scary, but to be honest, we hear rumors of wars and about wars. As long as we’ve got enough faith, we can handle it. Here's a link of a Mormon message by Elder Russell M. Nelson about that (Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them).

Today is P-day and we're going to a place called "The Deep". It's a famous aquarium. I'm excited to check it out! Also, we learned of a few more museums and stuff from two of our new investigators.
Also, there is a fun man from the Dominican Republic who we visit. He usually cooks for us some delicious food. He's really, really funny. So funny that I've started writing down quotes that he says. One time he made us a fish soup and he basically just put the whole fish in there, but he didn't feed us the head because he didn't think we'd like it. It was really good though. Here are some quotes: "10 Commandments, 10 different types of love; if you do the food with love, the food will become really nice".

England is finally getting warmer! Health wise we're good. We can finally go out in just white shirts and ties again; it feels really weird not to be wearing a suit jacket. But it's nice as well. We're both doing great!

Yea, I'm a bit nervous to be honest to train. But, I suppose that things will be OK. There is another companionship in the flat with us now; Elders Isaksen and Patterson. Elder Patterson is Chinese speaking.

This week we found a family and taught their parents. I think that they have a lot of potential. It's crazy; we work really hard and don't have success, and then all of a sudden we are blessed and find success. I think that maybe Heavenly Father is testing us, seeing if we'll be good missionaries before He trusts us with some of His children. Also we found a man and he has two sons who are both ten. They also have some potential. Hopefully we'll see some good things happening in the next little while.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler

Brendon: Oh yea, I realized you're sort of close to the Bible belt. I suggest reading through the Bible before you leave. Just to get to know it a bit. I wish I did. But still, you can't replace the Book of Mormon. That's the most important to read is the Book of Mormon. But, you might get some people trying to "Bible bash" with you. Sadly, I can say I've been in a few of those situations. I don't like it. It's not worth it to argue religion. It's the other people who start it, but they are unwilling to listen to my point of view in the first place. They only want to argue theirs; total waste of time. That's why it's important that people gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon.