Hull - April 1, 2013

Sounds like you had a great Easter. Egg in polish is Jajko. Sometimes you'll here "oh, Jajko!" which is like "oh wow". Funny eh? And in Polish, to wish someone Happy Easter you wish them a "tasty egg". It's weird, but good at the same time.

Hull has a lot of history. It looks sort of broken down when you walk around in some areas. In fact, there are some houses left desolate from WWII. This city was the second most bombed city in England (Just after London). And it's not that big of a city. I like the streets sometimes...some places. I've been in the rough areas and in the posh areas.

You know, I try to salt a lot of the food here. Some stuff is alright. The desserts are alright. Some of the desserts are very good. There are a few bakeries. And, you can get this thing called a Yumm-Yumm. It's super sweet and good. Sort of like a doughnut, but with all the stuff that you know is not healthy for you. If you eat one, you can feel all the unhealthiness sliding down your throat! But, it tastes so good!! I also experiment and try to shop in Polish shops looking for Polish food sometimes. I don't like English sausage very much, but Polish sausage (kielbasa) is so good! I tried to cook a bit of rice now instead of pasta, but I still eat pasta a lot.

Actually yea, I have given a few priesthood blessings. One time a recent convert was sick and in fact was so sick he was just lying on the floor, not feeling well. When we gave him a blessing he started feeling better enough to sit up. Then, he recovered after a few days. It is amazing. I've also been able to explain blessings and I tell people what you taught me, 1) it's according to your faith and 2) if it is God's will, then the blessing will happen.

I try to take pictures, but we're not supposed to look like a tourist. So, I can take pictures on P-day and also sometimes sneak one when there aren't many people around. I've started carrying my camera on me more often. I try to write daily in my journal, but sometimes it's every two days. It depends on how much time I have at night.

I became good friends with a lot of people. A lot of them have transferred to new areas, but I am friends with all my old flat mates and then I get close to other elders as well. Elder Vest from Utah, Elder Krylbourn from Sweden, and Elder Griffiths are good friends.

The Church now changed it’s policy so we can email people other than just our family; now we can email friends as well.

The Hull 1 District is all eight missionaries in the Hull 1st Ward (Two senior missionaries, two sisters, one Chinese team, and us). We are in the Hull Zone which covers the Hull Stake, north and south banks of the Humber River.

We have specialized zone training every transfer. Zone conference is usually with one or two zones combined. Zone conferences vary in location, but usually we have one about once every two transfers. And, the mission president comes to that one. York was where the last zone conference was held.

I'm so excited for Brendon to get his mission call. It's crazy how everyone else is going on missions now and it's even crazier to think I've been out on a mission for almost a year. I tell you, it feels like a dream sometimes.

It's sort of a spring break here for the school kids as well; they've had off school for a while. The ward I'm in here too is also trying to do a lot of indexing. I hear about it almost every Sunday. I think the stake president asked everyone to index 50 names this year.

Oh, I'm so excited for General Conference. Sadly, I won't get to see the last session, But I'll get to see four out of the five sessions because of our curfew and the time difference here. The new Polish elders will probably come here on the May transfer day. I don't really know to be honest.

My shoulder feels great. I don't wear a bag very often any more. Oh, I finally bought new shoes! that's one good thing. I like them. They are sort of English style shoes though. I still am breaking them in, so I don't wear them all that often, yet; but they're good.

We are still Skyping Poland each week. We're good and working hard.

kocham cie

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