Hull - March 4, 2013


It's strange to see how fast time has gone by. It really seems like yesterday that I said goodbye to you all and went to the MTC. I think that this time we have on earth will go by like a dream. I for sure feel old. I still can't believe I was 18 and now I'm 20...yea I'm old. And my back is starting to hurt, (that's for sure a sign of old age). This is the one year of my life that I will spend all of it being a missionary.

Things are still plenty busy, but going good. We're still both tired but that comes with the work I think. I'm taking my vitamins, no worries. Every week Sister Everett, who is a widow in our ward, gives us a bag full of apples, bananas, apple juice, chocolate, bacon and eggs when we go and visit her. She is an angel. We're very well taken care of here by so many good people. And many of the ward members feed us often. Sister Waslin is having us over for my birthday and is baking me a cake she has us over every week and is really good to us.

Elder DeShazer is as goofy as ever. He's doing well, I think. Hey maybe Sadie and Addie could draw him a picture and write him a letter and then send it to our flat. I think that'd brighten his day. I love that Elder.

People here are good. Daniel’s whole family came to Church; I love that family so much!! We saw Peter, he was painting his house I tried to say 'you're painting' in Polish, but what I said was 'you're wasting'. Woops... something to laugh about.

Sophie is excited to get baptized, and Andy wants her to so she'll be on the straight and narrow. Aziz is super good as well.

My studies are good. I'm trying to do it all in Polish, I don't understand everything. But the things that I do understand hit home to me a lot. I love trying to see it in a new perspective.

Our lessons are about 50 min. It depends on the lesson. They aren't supposed to go any longer than about 1 hour, sometimes they do a little though. Sometimes if someone doesn't have time then we can meet with them for a short amount of time.

You know I have a picture I carry around with me of our family in my Book of Mormon and I show it to people when I talk about families. I love you all so much. As I've come out on a mission, I've been thinking more and more about the members of my family who are less active themselves. I wonder at times if maybe they just need a friend. We need to love them even more.

I think that for my birthday I want to do lots of missionary work. I think that'll be the best present I get finding someone I can share what I love the most. And on the way building my own testimony that Jesus is our Savior. And that God loves all of us. I don't want to be anyone but me because I know that God made me and I am special. I know that God made all of his children and they are all special too; and he loves us all.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler