Hull - March 11, 2013

Last week the Olsen’s took us to Hornsea; out to fish and chips and also to the beach, where we wandered and watched the waves. I took some great pictures but today I forgot the cord to plug it into the computer. Sad day; smutno mi! I still struggle with polish, but I'm doing a lot better than before. It'll probably be a struggle my whole mission but maybe I'll get real good with it. It's funny when Elder DeShazer or I forget a word in English.

It really is amazing how quickly that the church is moving with missionary work. It's still amazing to me the age drop. I think we're going to see the effect of it all this next transfer, as the large groups are going to start filing in. I think I told you but about 98 new missionaries were coming in by July as of a few months ago (more than the set amount of missionaries that our mission has at a time). I've heard of cases where one experienced sister has to be in a trio and train two sisters at one time. It's really crazy I think.

I've been more worried about retaining people that we baptize in the church. I've seen a few cases where someone will take the lessons or even get baptized but when a missionary leaves they lose interest. It's when they've become more interested in the missionary than in the gospel. I think Elder Bednar said something about becoming converted to the gospel and not converted to the missionary. Sadly I've seen it. I know one of our investigators is converted to the Gospel; I've heard his testimony and we no longer have to ask him if he's coming to church he comes on his own. I think that a lot of it all comes down to desire; it's their desire that keeps them going. And sadly desire is either impossible, or very, very hard to give to someone. But I only hope that the people that we meet we can say something that will spark their desire and that they'll know for themselves. That's what we all have to do for ourselves as well, find that desire, to have that testimony, and be converted. When I think of conversion, a word that came to mind is sacrifice. I think we have to work and be willing to sacrifice our will to the Lord so that it's His will over ours. I do worry a lot about the people I teach becoming converted and not just to me.

My studies are going good; I just finished the Book of Mormon in Polish! And now have started it again in Polish. I understand lots more this time round.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler