Hull - March 18, 2013

Not a bad week, a little slow, but not too slow. We're still searching for new people to teach and that's what's been going slow but we found two new Polish people this week and we're seeing them on Wednesday (sroda). I didn't even realize it was Saint Patrick's Day. I saw a girl wearing a green hat. But I didn't think anything of it till now.

The most rewarding thing on my mission so far is the feeling I get watching someone who's come a long way or even a short way finally be baptized. I could feel the spirit so strongly when David was baptized. The sacrifices that were made are worth it because I get to see a world I normally wouldn't see; I meet so many amazing people who I wouldn't have come to love otherwise. There are so many people here that I've come to love and want to be in God's kingdom with after this life. I learn a lot in study. I finished the Book of Mormon in Polish. I'm again in Nephi now, and I find that there is a lot that Nephi is willing to do. He's always trusting, and always searching for Heavenly Father's will. I love to study about faith, hope, and charity in Moroni 7 as well as in Corinthians 13.

We are all children of God. He loves all of his children, not just some. Sadly some of them don't want help or are confused. He wants every one of us to live with him again, but not everyone will, sadly, and the only reason they won't is because they choose not to. At least everyone should have the chance though. Sadly a missionary from another church was trying to bash with me earlier this week, and he talked about how only a certain number could be in Heavenly Father's kingdom. I don't believe that God would send all of us to earth only so that a certain number could make it back. Everyone can return if they choose to.

Elder DeShazer and I joke around a bit sometimes. I know that we are getting loads of new missionaries soon and that two Polish speaking elders are coming to England in May.

I finally got the Polish keyboard to work. teraz moge pisac w po poskul. There are a few weird letters now that I can write. weim ze ksiega Mormona jest prawdziwa, i ze kosciól Jezusa Chrystusa jest tez. wien ze Jezus jest Chrystusem, i zadoscucinil dla nas. mamy traboski, ale Bóg moge nas pomoc. Straszny jest kiedy zapomietalem wiele slow po engielsku. Jak jest Rodziny? hyba Brendon bedzie sluzyc w Idaho, albo hyba w Polca.

Kocham was

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