Hull - February 26, 2013

I'm glad you are all doing so well. Things are good here for me as well, although it's still really cold and I'm super tired all the time. Not because of illness, but just because of being a missionary I think. You're always tired, I've noticed, and there isn't really much you can do about it. I don't think I've ever been busier than I am now. We’re going all over talking to a ton of people; not too many new people, yet. We're teaching pretty much the same people.

I heard that we're getting a new mission president, too. I don't know anything about him except he is from Manchester England. I also heard about all the new missions. We're getting about 90 new missionaries more than what we originally have. It is crazy, the growth of it all. The work really is being hastened.

I've found that Hull is quite unique to the rest of England, it's quite different in many ways, but it's not a bad place, I like it here. And, I'm starting to recognize accents a bit more.

If I were to teach about the doctrine of Christ, I'd probably share just a few chapters, later in 2 Nephi 31 is really good on talking about why Jesus was baptized. It talks about how we need to have faith to repent. Faith leads us to repentance, it’s the first step. We need to have that faith to act and repent, and then make a covenant with God by being baptized and to follow Christ and his example, because there is no other way or name in which we can be saved. Also, we need to have the Holy Ghost to purify our hearts. And there is no point in doing any of it if we do not endure afterwards and continue through the rest of our lives. Even if we are baptized, that does nothing for us if we don't live it afterwards. I would say I've seen the doctrine of Christ work first hand in changing people's lives.

I remember teaching a man, who asked the question to a very new and green missionary (me), "Why do I have to be baptized?" To which I answered, "Because it's a commandment from God." I think now I'd show him that scripture and that Christ set the example for us. If Christ being holy needed to be baptized of water, then we, not being holy, how much more need we to be baptized.

I think and worry about a lot of the people who I've grown to love. I can only hope and pray for them sometimes. But I can hardly imagine how much more our Heavenly Father loves them and hopes for them.

Our investigators are doing well. Daniel is getting married in April, and then baptized two weeks later. Piotr's family is coming from Poland to England in July. We're working with a part member family and Sophie who is nine years old is looking to get baptized next month. And then we're working with another couple who are planning to get baptized in April as well.

Our flat is alright, it’s for sure in a lot better condition than when I first got here and the problem is a lot of missionaries leave a lot of junk behind that they gather. It's sort of sad. There are belongings from different missionaries that I don't even know how old they are.

My old glasses finally broke (the black ones that I've had for years). We were playing basketball and they got smashed.

I hope things are going well with everyone.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler