Hull - February 18, 2013

Life's good in England. Yes, another transfer and I'm still here in Hull. I'll be here probably my whole mission. I'm fine with that. I bought a new belt to fit me last week it was £2.5 so no worries, you'd never guess what size I had to buy; a medium. I don't know maybe the sizes are a bit different here in England. I think it would be easier to buy things here, as I can make sure they fit with less hassle probably.

It's crazy that everyone is leaving for missions. I'm excited to hear where Brendon goes, he'll love it. It's hard to leave all the people you love, but the funny thing is you'll find more people to love that you'd never would have met if you didn't serve a mission. There are people here I honestly love so much. I've never felt so happy at times. Also, I've never felt so tired at times. I think I've never been this tired, physically or mentally. But it's a good tired. I hear that the second year goes by way fast. But honestly, I can't believe that it's already been ten months. Oh yea, I got a smaller suit from another missionary who left it when he went home, so don't worry.

The spirit will guide you to people so that you can give them the opportunity to either accept or reject the gospel. I've seen that with the Holy Ghost and the difference it's made in peoples’ lives. I've got two stories about that and they both involve less active members who we are seeing. The one lady we are meeting with was baptized about twenty years ago. She looked into a lot of religions. She stopped coming to church after a while and then started to meet with the Witnesses. But, she remembered the feeling that she felt when she was baptized, the feeling of the Spirit witnessing to her that it was true and that the covenant with God that she had just made was good. They told her that the feeling that she felt was from Satan which really confused her. She never joined the Witnesses, but still didn't come back to church. We talked to her and I asked her if she thought that the feeling that she felt was really from Satan and she said no, she doesn't anymore. The next story is of a man who was also baptized about twenty years ago. He keeps saying, 'no, it's not for me'. We left him our number on a pamphlet and the next day he called us saying that he had read it several times and that he's interested in coming back, but not too quickly. Then, the next time we met him his response was the same 'oh, it's not for me, not for me.' But, you can sense that he misses it, that he does want it. Then, he also explained to us that he felt that there was something missing in his life. He felt as if there is something incomplete. He is feeling the absence of the Spirit he once felt and knew.

It's really funny because everyone that we meet who is less active, tell us that 'they are a lost cause'. The funny thing about that is we missionaries don't believe in a lost cause! I think they'll come back. Everybody is a shiny diamond inside they just need a bit of polishing.

I know that the Church is true, I'm so grateful for the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life. I've felt when it's been with me and I've felt when it's gone for whatever reason. I know that it's there. I've seen it lead me to people. I don't believe in coincidences. I know that Christ is my Savior and Redeemer that he paid the price so that I can have peace. He took the heavy load off of my back and onto his. I know that Joseph Smith was called of God as the prophet to restore the Church and the authority from God in the latter-days. I know that President Monson holds that authority today.

I love you so much,

Starszy Ressler