Hull - February 12, 2013

Things are going well in Hull.

Transfers were this week. Nope, I’m still in Poland, England (Hull). I love it here. I feel I know so many people, but at the same time, not enough. It's funny that way. Elder DeShazer and I are serving again together (real shocker there, eh?). I think we'll know each other pretty well by the end of all this. I have some sad news though. Our four man flat is going to turn into a two man flat. Elder Christensen is going to Leeds to be in a trio and Elder Krylborn is going to Hull 2 (the other side of Hull river) So, it's just the two of us and the zone leaders in Hull 1 now; the zone leaders live in their own flat.

I'm not sure I like food so much anymore; I don't eat as much now days. I think it's partly to do with having to make the effort to cook a lot of it. I think my stomach has just shrunk quite a bit and I don't want to eat as much. I may see if Sister Olsen could fix my trousers up a bit. In England the word pants means underwear, I still say pants a lot though. It's just something I’ve got to try not to say on the streets. Kind of reminds me of the Wallace and Grommet movie.

What do we eat for dinner? It depends on who feeds us here in England. We eat a lot....lot of potatoes (almost every meal I'd say) or spaghetti some times. We get Yorkshire pudding, potatoes with meat and gravy, carrots, brussel sprouts, beans; they love sweet corn here, chips... (fries), and for dessert we get cakes, puddings, or rice pudding.

Most Polish people are Catholic by tradition. English are usually Church of England and a lot of people don't really believe in God, or do, but don't practice their religion. It just varies a bit. But there are loads of good people here. I love serving in Hull, I know the streets pretty alright, especially Beverly Road and Newland Avenue and Springbank and Princess Ave. Those are the places I've been a lot and they're pretty alright.

I like Sundays because they aren't as stressful, but sometimes even more stressful. It depends on how you look at it. It's a stress to try and get people to come to church. Also, if Polish people show up, then there is the translating, usually. This next week should be a bit stressful though because they are getting rid of the other team here in hull. So now we'll have to pick up their people to teach. That's good but also stressful. I think we'll be alright though.

This week we found a man named who is one of the most humblest, amazing people I've ever met. When he was 10 years old he had a dream to come to England and play professional football. He's currently studying English and other stuff. He likes prayer and the first time we prayed with him he told us he felt a different feeling he'd never felt before. We were able to testify that, that feeling is the spirit. That's God telling him that this is true.

Also, we met a Polish man who is very good. They let us in because they believe strongly in God, too. He was interested in the Book of Mormon and also the restoration of the priesthood. He said that he needs to read for himself and learn about it.

I can't believe it's already been about 10 months on a mission. I'm already almost a year out. It doesn't feel like it. I've come to realize that this time goes fast; also that I only have a few months in my life to be a full time missionary (young missionary). I need to make it count.

I miss you all a bunch, too. I love you much,

Starszy Ressler