Hull - December 24, 2012

Our week was good! The mission Christmas party was really fun; it was good to see Elder Ball and Humphries again. Our investigators are doing great! A man was recently baptized and confirmed who has been meeting with the missionaries since April.

David is looking really good to be baptized on Friday and Piotr just needs his wife’s permission for him to get baptized. If we can get that by Friday, then it'll happen. Other than that we found a lady from Latvia who speaks Russian and English and we also four other Polish people.

We met a Polish lady on Saturday who was a bit drunk. We tried to teach her, but she was flirting with Elder DeShazer the whole time. We had anticipated ahead of time that she might be a little flirty, so Elder DeShazer brought a picture of his girlfriend and I cut out a random picture of a sister missionary from the Ensign and taped it up to look all nice (so mine was fake). Well, she bought mine (also she thought I was Chinese), but said that Elder DeShazer's wasn't real (which it was really real). Well, we got out of there safely and I don't think we're too keen on going back. Oh, she also invited Elder DeShazer to go to Poland on a trip with her. I think it's good that we teach the gospel in twos and that we’ve got each other's backs. I'm glad we got out of there safely.

I'll see you tomorrow. I'm excited to talk to you.


Starszy Ressler