Hull - December 10, 2012

IT'S REALLY COLD!! But, we survive. I miss the summer. Polish is going great. I talked to a man yesterday, but had pretty much no Idea of what he was saying! He talked really fast. But it's coming.

On Monday Elder DeShazer, Elder Christensen, and I all got food poisoning. We all had a rough night, and I think that effected our week a bit. But we're all feeling a lot better now, except for Elder DeShazer whose kidneys are giving him grief again. We're going to see a doctor today.

So now we're teaching a man who was first contacted by Elder DeShazer and Christensen on the street. They gave him a pamphlet on the Restoration of the Gospel. He read it and it made sense to him. Then about a month or two later, Elder DeShazer and I found him on the street. He said that he read the pamphlet and it made sense to him and he's interested. We went over and taught him on Tuesday. We taught him the first lesson, and he accepted the message and is super excited to be baptized on the 28th of December. He says he doesn't really drink and that he feels that Mormonism is the religion for him; it's the one that makes the most sense to him. In the past he said that from religion he felt it was always negative, like ‘fire and brimstone’, and ‘you are all going to hell’ type of thing. But, he feels we teach with him, instead of to him. I'm really quite impressed with him.

Also, on the 28th of December a Polish man is going to be baptized (the first Polish person by us). I'm really excited for that. He has a firm belief in following the ways of God and has strong faith. Also, he pretty much accepts all the lessons we've taught him.

Our other Polish investigator is doing well, but we haven't taught him this week; and also he didn't come to church due to not feeling so well. But, we're still meeting with him. We have a similar English investigator who is still learning the gospel and I believe he's doing alright too.

On Saturday it was the ward Christmas party. That was good and interesting. I really enjoyed it. Elder and Sister Olsen were Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause. When Elder Cumming saw them in the hall all dressed up, he burst out laughing. It was really cute I thought. English party foods are really interesting...

I've already learned so much on my mission and changed a ton. I've come to realize more of who I am as I try harder to be like my Savior. Through the success I've seen, I can rejoice in the changes people have made and come closer to God. And through the hard times I've seen, I've grown so much.

One of my recent converts just got a calling and also, I think, went to the temple (not inside, just to the lobby; for now).

Everything is going great. I really do feel good, Mom, so don't worry about the food poisoning. It was something we all ate. We're not sure what it was, but it's gone now. Yesterday, we gave a Book of Mormon to a man and then said good-bye and crossed the street. I told Elder DeShazer to walk slow because I was watching him and he was reading it as he walked. He stopped for a while and just read, walked a bit more, then stopped again. I hope he gets into it.

Love you all so much. I hope the family is doing well.


Starszy Ressler