Hull - October 22, 2012

It’s getting colder and England is just amazing. This week was actually really good. It's now Autumn; the leaves are falling and the other day there was a cool mist in the morning and you could only see a few yards ahead of you at a time. It turns out that they celebrate Halloween here, too; although they've only started doing that recently. I believe that they carve pumpkins. They have their own holidays here too; I guess I'll be able to experience those. It's interesting, because a lot of people have dogs here, they really love dogs. I saw a black pug the other day.  I've learned to play squash, which is really big here in the UK. It's like racquetball but a little bit different.  I really enjoy it and it's a really good work out.

I love being on a mission. It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's so amazing. I've met so many amazing people. Some days it's hard when you get yelled at or someone flat out rejects you, but you have to find the courage and strength to face the next person the way Christ would, in a kind loving charitable manner.

The world is full of so many troubles, but I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ all things can be made right in the world. We need to have faith in him though.

We have been teaching a Polish family and they are amazing; I am filled with joy, pretty much whenever I think of them. The father’s brother should have left for Poland for sure this time I think, he leaves today, and probably won't be back for another year at least. He's going to study to become a baker. The mother is getting more and more interested I think. She understands a lot of English actually; she just doesn't really speak it. We asked her if she could feel the difference in her home and she said yes. The father works really hard hours. Dad worked a lot too, but I hear in Poland some people work like 60-80 hours in a week. He works night shifts and said that sometimes he only gets 2 hours of sleep and he still comes to church often. Yesterday they fed us some Polish food. We had a clear, chicken soup that was really good and also a traditional dish they have on Christmas, it's like cold fish with shredded carrots on top. It wasn't too bad. Then, we had these pancake breakfast burrito things that I think dad would enjoy a lot.

We both think Elder Ball will leave Hull next transfer, but he's still got a good 4-5 weeks left with me. We're doing really well; we're talking to a lot more Polish people and teaching English as well as the lessons.

We had a Polish man who called us and asked us if we could teach him English. We met him about two and a half months ago. When we first got into that house with the Polish men and one said that his wife back home was LDS. He was there and we ended up giving him a Book of Mormon. Since then we'd run into him a few times on the streets. He only speaks polish, but is improving on his English. Now a day he's very good at saying the phrase 'et's nice to meet you'. After the first lesson we taught him I started to talk about the Book of Mormon and explain what it is. He said that we'd given him one and that he's been reading it in his spare time (he works a lot) and he said that he's on like page 375 or around there. I asked him if he knows it's true and said that he does. He also says that he believes that Joseph Smith is a prophet.

We've also found another man who is English. We've taught him a few lessons, he believes it's true, and also wants to be baptized and also wants to go to the temple and to be sealed with his family for time and for eternity. He needs to get married to his partner before he can get baptized. He has two little children and is really quite amazing.

Last night we taught a lesson to a room full of Polish people. We're going to teach them English and one of the Polish men will teach me Polish. I'm not too sure how interested they are in our religion, but if they'll help with the Polish I'm really happy with it. This man is very nice. It’s a bit intimidating and difficult trying to teach six people in English, but then trying to teach in Polish as well. I think it went alright. Elder Ball said I'll get better at that over time. My Polish is improving and Polish people can be really patient and kind.

Love you much and I hope all is going well with the family.

Kocham you

Starszy Ressler