Hull - October 1, 2012

zien dobry tata! This past week I've had some adventures. I went to York. We had a specialized training with Hull zone and York zone combined. We took a train to get there, so we were pretty much poor for a while after that. York is a nice place. They have some really neat walls and buildings, but I have to say I missed Hull. When I came back and we walked the same streets that we walk almost daily, I thought to myself 'home sweet home'. I'll probably be in Hull for a while. Yes, it is getting colder. I've started to wear a sweater under my light jacket sometimes. I’m not too worried. I know how to handle the cold, I think. It's autumn here, too. It's getting colder and darker. It gets dark around 6pm or 7pm. Elder Ball says in winter it'll get dark around 4pm.

General Conference is coming up and I’m excited for it! I may be watching it in Polish, either at the church or at some of our investigator's homes. That's exciting, which reminds me. Daniel and Justina came to church yesterday. We watched the video with President Monson when he was a bishop and went looking one Sunday for the priest who was working in the garage. Daniel told us afterwards that when President Monson spoke there was power in his voice and he was like, 'this is true'. I’m so excited for them and I’m excited to watch conference with them.  Luckily there's a sister in the ward who speaks Polish and can translate and befriend Justina.

I'm glad you're a hard worker, Dad. Polish people here, some of them, are really hard workers and have really good work ethics. Some of them work in factories pretty much all day. They say in Poland it's harder to find work and they work longer and get paid less, so they come here to find jobs. Sometimes that makes it difficult to teach them, but things are starting to get rolling with Polish people.

This past week we met a young father named Ryan. Ryan works with computers. He has two young children who mean the world to him. He says that when he became a father his whole outlook on life changed. He loves his family enough that he quit his dream job and moved to Hull to make amends with his family. I'm very impressed with him.

Elder and Sister Olsen seem like parents to us out here. They really are kind and loving and make sure we're doing alright. When Elder Olsen shakes your hand he really looks you in the eye and it feels like he’s looking into your soul! They're so kind and loving.

This week we went to teach a man named Tadeusz. When we went to teach him a man that looked like him opened the door with a confused face. I said to him 'Do you remember us?' and somehow he let us in any way. He was on the phone a few times with his 'brat' on the phone and about half way into the lesson said something like 'Tadeusz will be here in an hour' and we were like 'who are you?'. It turned out that that was his brother Patryk. So we taught Patryk a lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. He prayed with us and I think that went well.

Everyone has usually got some things to give up or to change or something they can do a little bit better. I feel that there is so much Heavenly Father gives us and so many little things we could change to give back to him.

I'm happy for Brandon Smith. Now all my cousins older than me are getting married. That's sort of weird to think about.

Love you so much,

Starszy Ressler