Hull - October 9, 2012

General Conference was amazing! One of our investigators came to two of the sessions. Here in England, because of the time difference, we watch the Saturday morning session on Saturday night at 5pm. Then, on Sunday morning at 10am we watch the priesthood session. Then, we watch the Saturday night session at 1pm, and then we watch the Sunday morning session live at 5pm. We all watch the Sunday night session at 9pm. However, missionaries can't go to that one because we need to go plan and sleep. I learned a lot. I only watched one session in Polish. For some reason we couldn't get the Saturday night session to work in Polish, but we could get the translation when it was live. So our investigator, Elder DeShazer, and I all watched it in Polish. I could follow along ok. I learned a lot from this last conference and most of all to be thankful for the little things in life.

That was quite amazing when they lowered the missionary age. What amazes me more is how sisters can go when they are 19 years old. I think we'll be getting a lot more sister missionaries now. I'm excited for Brendon to serve. If he chooses to go when he's 18, I won't see him for 3½ to 4 years. But if he chooses that, I'll be proud of him and will support him in anyway. Either way, if he goes then or later, he should start preparing now. I'm so grateful for the way you and Mom have prepared me for a mission with learning the gospel in family home evening and reading the scriptures and conference talks every day. I know that even now China is being prepared for the gospel. Here in the England Leeds Mission we have six Chinese speaking missionaries. Chinese students come here to England to go to school; many of them find religion and God here. They don't usually believe in God in China, but they find him here and then many of them go back home to China. I know that one day the Gospel will be preached everywhere and that there are people and places now which are being prepared.

Transfers were this week; usually Monday is just a normal Missionary day for transfer week. Then that night we get transfer calls and find out what is happening. Then, the next day is P-day and then Wednesday is transfer meeting when we make all the switches. Elder Ball and I are staying together for another transfer, but Elder DeShazer's companion, Elder Humphries, is going to Sheffield to become a zone leader. He's a really good missionary.

I'm warm enough now. For the next six months we have to wear our suit jackets, so I'll wear that and then, if it's any colder, I’ll wear a jacket or coat. I bought a jacket and it works fairly well. My ankle is healing very well. I can still feel it, but it doesn't hurt me. And we still walk a lot, so I'm all good and healthy.

Thanks for your testimony in Polish; it's neat to see that. We're now teaching Polish people to speak English, so that's good as well.

All is going really well. We do a lot of walking, a lot of talking, and a lot of studying. I'm almost at six months. Time has really gone by fast. It seems like only a month ago I left home for the MTC and now I’ve finished being trained.

Recently, I've come to love the hymn “Press Forward, Saints”. At the bottom of the hymn it shares a scripture in 2 Nephi 31. Talking about pressing forward in faith. As we all press forward, and continue to learn and grow in our love and knowledge of the Gospel of Christ and his atoning sacrifice for us all, we grow closer to him and the people who we are meant to become.

I love you all,

Starszy Ressler