Hull - October 29, 2012

It's been a good week. Things are getting on well here. Elder DeShazer and I have been sent to the City of Hull to start a Polish group here (sort of like a branch). Our zone leader Elder Mckay told me that we were sent here not because the president thinks that a Polish group can start here, but because that a Polish group will be started here. That puts a lot of weight on us, but I also know that the Lord doesn't give us something we can't handle. And, I know I was sent here to do this work, I had a feeling that I was headed for hard things.

The stake president here in Hull saw that there were lots of Polish people and told President Lindley and then it moved all the way up until it got approved by Church headquarters, and they called two Polish-speaking elders. We're meeting with a lot more Polish people now which is good, and my Polish is getting better and better. People seem to be amazed with the amount of Polish I’ve picked up in just these three short months.

We've found a few more Polish people to teach. I think we have a couple families. One Polish family we are teaching is planning to go on holiday to Poland in December, and the father wants to be baptized when he comes back to England.  I hope things kick off with the Polish group from this. We're teaching a lot of people to speak English.

At first I was struggling with the missionary work. I struggled to talk to people a bit, still sort of do, but now I'm having some really good conversations with people. I'm sort of happy that most people speak English here, and if they don't I can usually communicate with them. But I'm also sad too because I'm not immersed in the Polish language and won't learn it as well.

This week we met an amazing man. He has a really firm belief in God and is excited for a change in his life, such as baptism. I think as we teach him he will change a lot.

I see a lot of Heavenly Father’s tender mercies on my mission. We are constantly looking for what to do or where to be. We plan where we feel we should go that day or if there's a certain person we need to talk to. We've found people because we felt like we should go to the next street over and then walk down the right side and then two people on bikes ride by and start talking to us. Sometimes we don't really know the reason why things happen, but it doesn't matter how they happen, just that they do. For Instance, we know Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth. We don't know how exactly, but we know that it happened, so why does it matter. I think people worry too much about the how or the why, and forget the do.

This P-day the whole zone got Nerf guns and had a war. I was able to get this cheap little one that was pretty powerful.

It's weird; England isn't feeling so foreign to me anymore. It seems like it is starting to feel more normal to me. Like the cars driving on the left side of the road instead of the right. Here in England people call each other “mate” and, if you talk to an older lady, you can call her “love”, or if you're being polite.

It's getting colder now. Halloween is going on here, too. The ward is having a “trunk of treat” activity, but Elder DeShazer and I will be teaching two English lessons and another lesson while the two English elder go to it. Eh, I'm fine with it. Halloween isn't too big in England. I guess it's fairly new here and is growing a bit? Ah, time just flies on by. October went fast. I'm still amazed thinking its September, but now here's November or Listopad if you want it in Polish.

I hope everything is going well at home.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler