Leeds - November 18, 2013

This week was good. Elder Eisert and I are starting to do better in the area as well. It was amazing we picked a street one day and we felt like we should knock the right side of the street and on the first house the lady said she was Christian. I smiled and said that's great! We got in with them and found out that they had just been baptized into another church about three years ago. The husband told us his conversion story. A friend of his, had always been trying to get him to be religious, but he was simply just not interested. One day his friend asked him to read a scripture and said something like, "I don't want you to miss out on all this," so he started to wonder a bit. I felt the spirit as he told us that he went to his room and asked God to forgive him for all that he did. It's interesting to see that even though people aren't members of our faith, they do know one thing and that is that they can be forgiven of their sins through Jesus Christ. I felt the spirit, so I don't doubt that the experience that he had was true. They searched for ages for a church that they agreed on, (they even thought about making their own), then they found this other one. They are so prepared. I can't wait to go back and share about the Restoration with them!

Sadly, that Polish family is going away to Poland until December, (well half of them are). Wouldn't that be amazing if they ran into missionaries there?

I think there must be a reason I came all the way to England to speak Polish. I know that I've been able to teach a few Polish people, but there's got to be another reason as well. I don't really know though. I'd love to go to Poland someday, I think I will. Mom's cousin lives there. I tell all the Polish people that my mom's cousin lives in Warsaw. So I've got some sort of connection to Poland.

Elder Eisert is good, he’s a fun Elder. Yea, it's Elder Eisert's birthday next week. It's funny how I've been companions with all my companions during their birthdays. Yes you can buy cakes here :) You can pretty much buy anything here. We'll have to plan something special for his birthday.

Sounds like stake conference went well. We have it here in Leeds this Sunday and the stake president has requested that all full time missionaries go to the adult session on Saturday night, so that'll be good. We have stake conference in a different city because the stake is so big, and the building over there (about a 25 minute car drive away) is big enough for us.

I really do enjoy talking to people. I've learned as well that I need to develop more patience. I guess it's just one of those things that we all need to work on in life.

We had exchanges with the zone leaders last week. I went with Elder Grimaldi; he is from Italy and has learned to speak English. He's pretty good, (he still struggles with it at times though, but speaks pretty well). He told me that something I could work on is "looking people in the eyes and smiling" so that's something I've been trying to do and it's been working out alright. I think that I used to not be a very confident person, but I've gotten a bit more confident, so that's real good.

Sadly, I am not allowed to write to other missionaries here in my mission boundaries. But I think I'll see Elder DeShazer again. We'll probably be the only two Elders going home in our group I think. I hope he's doing alright. I hear Elder Mullen is alright. I think Elder Ball is happy to be back in Hull.

Well, I love you; hope you have a good week.

Starszy Ressler