Leeds - October 7, 2013

Leeds is treating me well. It's getting colder, but not too bad yet. It does rain a bit though.

Yea, I was able to see conference. It was really good to hear it. I enjoyed the sessions I did see. I didn't get to see the last one because they play that one at 9:00 at night. But we will get the Ensign so it'll be alright, I'll get to read them later, or I can just look them up on the computer if I get the chance. We went to the Crossgates Chapel to see them. I think that that is the stake center.

We're good. We’re working with a few people. Martine came to church. She is studying theology at University and is looking to teach theology someday. She came and also a man from India. We're not teaching any Polish or Slovakian people at the moment.

I know that the work is hastening. It was interesting because so many of the talks were related. I didn't get to see the part about Sheffield, but I think I would like to.

It rained a bit over the weekend, and then it was sunny for conference (when we got to be inside). But I guess that's just life and English weather.

This week I went on exchange with Elder Mast, he's from France and is really funny. I like him. He's only been learning English for about 10 weeks and already speaks it pretty well. The funny thing is that I got lost. Elder Mullen usually takes the lead in where we are going because I don't have a clue (I have a better idea now days though). But we ended up going out of the area and almost out of the zone! But we were safe. I saw a sign that said Dewsbery Town Center and decided that we had better get off. When we got off we saw the Elders walking on the other side of the street. They came over and talked to us. So that was kind of an adventure.

I'm slowly getting used to the area. I still call it Hull by accident sometimes. In one of the talks in conference, I can't remember who it was, but the man talked about his ancestor who came from Hull Yorkshire. I was like "I'd just been there!"

Thanks for the pictures, I miss the mountains. We just don't really have mountains here like back home. Leeds has tons of hills though. Hull was really flat I think. I sent Mom some pictures.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler