Leeds - October 15, 2013

So it was transfers and I'm staying here in Leeds 2. Elder Mullen is leaving and going to the Sheffield Zone to a place called Mansfield. And my new companion is.....I have no idea actually. I'm training again, it looks like it'll be another adventure for me. Tomorrow I'll find out who my new missionary will be. I'm excited to train again. When we train we usually call our trainers our "father". So we see this lineage of missionaries going on. So Elder ball is my trainer or "father" in the mission, and now he's got two grandkids and one great-grandson. He's probably super happy. So is having  kids really this stressful? I know Dad, you've got gray hairs now but was I really that much of a stress? I'm kidding. I know it'll be great but a lot of work again! It'll be interesting, I'm worried I'll get lost a lot because I still am figuring my way around here. It'll be alright though.

One exciting thing is that Elder Krylborn who lived with me in my flat in Hull last winter is going to be serving in Leeds 4 which is right next to us. So I'm super excited to see him again. It'll be fun.

This P-day we're going to get together with another zone and I think even President is coming and we're all going to play football (English football).

I'm at a point and place, where I really don't speak much Polish anymore. I really, really, really want to teach another Pol. You know speaking Polish has ruined my ability to spell that I never really had. I now put w instead of v all the time. It's weird.

I like my new suit. The neat thing is that Elder Mullen got the same suit, so we've got matching suits and we also bought matching gloves. I think I'm alright there are loads of warm stuff here. Actually, I think I need a new jacket. I sold one of them to an elder who really wanted it. So now I need a new one. I looked and saw some for about £40 but I don't really like any of them. We'll see if I can find something. I have a fleece jacket, but it's getting to be really wet; that jacket is warm but not water proof. I have that one I came out with, but that is super long and I don't wear it all the time. And I have a water resistant jacket but it's really light, so I need a middle jacket I think. We'll see. I want to buy an English jacket that I like and will bring home with me. I think I can find some winter wear here to buy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for the Polish music! I've been listening to it and am starting to understand somewhat of what they are saying. It's hard because I don't speak Polish as much as I used to. I fear that I'm losing my language skills. I'm trying my best though. I mostly have a gospel vocabulary.

That is so neat that Jake Wright is in Brendon's mission! Isn't that crazy. Ah, he's going to be having such adventures I think.

Have an amazing week!


Starszy Ressler