Leeds - September 30, 2013

We had a super good week. We started going to a few new areas and the people there are super nice, I love it. We've just had fun these past few days and we've been working really hard. I'm really good. I think that I'm getting used to Leeds a little bit more and more. It's still really different and seems a bit foreign at times. Last week we went into Leeds city center and I bought a new suit. It's a really nice suit, but I think I'll only wear it for meetings. You know people here in England are a bit stylish, they like their style I think. But hey that's alright.

I took pictures that I wanted to send to you. I brought my camera, but I forgot the cord to upload the pictures. So hopefully next week I'll get them to you.

We ate at a burrito place. They really don't have Mexican food here so it was okay, but not really that good. I think Elder Brendon Ressler will be eating loads of Mexican food on his mission. I'm a bit jealous, but I've gotten to experience Polish and English food.

We'll watch general conference at the church, or maybe at the home of an investigator. The mission home is close, but out of our area. I think maybe 30 min by bus. I'm still the district leader in this area. I love my district! There's Elder Mast who I'm going on exchange with today. He is from France and is still learning English. He's so energetic and happy. I love them all. Now I'm the oldest missionary in the district though, the rest all haven't been out longer than about five months. The zone leaders are in our area, but in a different flat.

This week we found a lady and she accepted a date to be baptized. She knew the Book of Mormon is true so that was exciting. I used to not talk a lot in lessons, but now I think I talk too much. I need to let my companion speak a bit more. We're still getting the hang of teaching together; every companionship has to figure out how to teach effectively together. Also we met a guy from India, who met with missionaries five years ago. So it'll be interesting to work with him as well.

Elder Mullen says that since I've gotten here we've ran into more and more Polish people. So I think that Heavenly Father knows where they are and leads us to them. In fact I know that we run into them on purpose. He is putting them in front of our path all the time. I like speaking to foreigners. It's weird, but I am a foreigner here too.

It's interesting when people say that they don't really care about salvation or that they don't want to be with their family forever (yes, I've had people tell me that they don't want to be with them forever), sad day. But I've come to realize what I've been blessed with and that I'm so glad to come from a religious background that wasn't forced on me but I chose it. I tell people that before I was baptized my parents asked me if this was what I really wanted. I'm grateful for that.

One thing I've learned about the spirit is that it often times will only lead us to the next step. And then we need to search again for the next step. I've had many experiences where I've been led to the next step and then had to go a little farther. It's like walking through a foggy day as Elder Bednar puts it; you can only see in front of you to see the next few steps, but as you take them, the next few steps will show up. That's how we found Daniel. I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't taken the next steps.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler