Leeds - September 23, 2013

I'm terrific! The change has been good but really different. I like Leeds though; I always wanted to serve here. It's super big! I thought Salt Lake was big, no. I thought Hull was a decent size. Leeds is HUGE.

It really was strange for me to give a talk. I don't really like public speaking, but I'm not horrible at it. So I think that maybe Heavenly Father is preparing me for getting better at it. I give instruction at district meeting, but that's only about 4-5 missionaries. Its fun, I'm starting to enjoy it.

Yea, Elder Mullen is really nice and down to earth. He's about six months younger than I am and is super good and humble. He's really confident and I like working with him and we're becoming pretty good friends. Elder Mullen was a welder before his mission.

I’m grateful Mom showed me how to do stuff like clean out a fridge; because we did that today.

They do talk different in Leeds; I can hardly understand some people. And a lot of times people don't understand me. There are two teams here, us and the zone leaders. We just went on exchange and I went to work with Elder Crabb in the Dudley Hill area, which is near the city Bradford. It was good. Elder Mast who is a new missionary from France came and worked here with Elder Mullen. I have a really good district. Leeds is Huge!! So huge. Today we are going to go into the city center; it’s probably going to be big. I haven't even seen all of it, but I'm slowly getting used to the area that I'm in.

It's getting colder because it's winter, but it's not too bad though. I think Hull was pretty sheltered as far as weather goes, but it'll be interesting to see what's up in Leeds.

There are other missionaries who play the piano better than I do, so they play it at church, but we need to baptize someone who can play the piano... (We are listening for piano music when we go finding). But also now, we're starting to try and knock in posh areas so that we can hopefully find a piano player. But also in the poorer areas (cause that's where I like to go). It's like in Alma 32 how they find more success with the poorer part of the people.

Ah getting sick. NOT FUN. I hate getting sick. Well I try to tough it out the best I can. I can only think of a few times. If you get a cold or runny nose you try to treat it, but can't really do much, so just have to do the best you can. They really don't like missionaries to stay in and waste time (it's the Lord’s time) but if you are sick enough that you got to, then you just have to lay in the flat all day and sleep. I remember Elder DeShazer and I were sick for a couple of days. One time three out of the four of us got food poisoning (horrible night). Mostly I just have a runny nose or sore throat though.

I love the Olsons. I'm so glad that you got to meet to them; they are so great. I loved serving with them! They are so nice and kind and really became like family to us (the four of us were the only missionaries to stay in Hull while all the others got moved around). I think they have a lot to do on their farm because they haven't lived there for 18 months and a farm takes continual maintenance. But I think they'll slowly, but surely get it back up to snuff.

Isn't it so great how the church is doing missionary work? I like how they are stepping it up with the computers.

Love you,

Starszy Ressler