Hull - June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day! I love the Mormon Message about fathers, "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father".

My week has been well; we met this new investigator, Czeslaw. He's an amazing Polish man. He doesn't drink or smoke and is a strong Catholic, but at the same time doesn't mind talking with us. He also talks real fast. It's hard for even me to understand. He mostly tries to talk to Elder Owen and then turns to me to translate for him. It's actually sort of funny to think about.

We taught a decent amount, mostly to Tomek. We saw him about 4-5 days in a row last week. So as far as learning all the doctrine, he's on track and we're trying to get him ready to be baptized on the 29th. We can only hope and pray and encourage him. I believe that it is very well possible; he is progressing really well. The man really does have a testimony that it's true. He's really kind and humble; I really respect him a lot. Starszy Owens was trying to say Savior (odkupiciel) to him in a lesson, but said zakupiciel which means "shopper", we all had a good laugh. I've made tons of mistakes like that, so that means he's learning.

Recently, I've been studying faith a lot. I've come to realize that any miracle that we have is because we have faith. We shouldn't ask for a sign or a miracle in order for us to believe, but simply believe and then watch the miracles unfold. I've seen that happen. I have faith that if we have faith and do all that we can, Tomek can stop smoking by Wednesday! He's already made so much progress! And if he doesn't, maybe it's just not his time yet and there's still more to learn and grow from. I believe that if he doesn't get baptized next week, that it'll still be very soon. He gave us a lift to church on Sunday and last Friday he gave us a lift to the ward BBQ. He brought his two year old son, he is really cute. He loves children and is a real gentle person.

Justyna, Daniel's wife, and their family came to the BBQ as well. I think that they really enjoyed it. Justyna also came to church. I hope that things start to progress with her so that someday that family can be sealed in the temple. They are the cutest family. I love them a lot. Justyna made a Polish salad and some kind of dessert. It was really good. In fact, the salad got wiped clean; the ward ate it up! I think she's making friends.

I believe that Heavenly Father is about to work miracles here in Hull among the Polish people.
Brendon is coming close to leaving on his mission; that's really strange to think about. He's still got about a month and a half left though. That's about as much as I had. Those shirts I got are now too big for me. I'm thinking about buying some smaller ones :) My shoes are alright. I'm wearing the ones that sister Martin bought me. She's such an angel.

Elder Olsen is 25 years old and from Utah. He's nice and bold. He likes yoga and does that in the morning for exercise or when he's stressed. Elder Owens is from California. His parents are both converts. He likes to make YouTube videos. He doesn't like sports and is very gentle and wouldn't hurt a fly. He likes to cook. They're both still adjusting to mission life, and they are really dedicated.

I love you much. I hope you have a terrific week.

Starszy Ressler