Hull - May 27, 2013

We're doing good. Elder Owens is a fun elder and is excited about missionary work. We really haven't shown Elder Owens and Elder Olson too much of the area, yet. We took them to the old part of town with the really big church, and to an indoor farmer's market I like to go to sometimes, and the candy store I love.

This week we're having district meeting all in Polish (I'm going to try) and I'm using a bit from what I've learned at Timberline. You know I've really learned a lot from serving a mission. We are always trying to follow the spirit. I'm not always the best at it, but I'm trying to recognize more and more how the Holy Ghost communicates with me and what he’s telling me.

We had a miracle happen. There is this Polish lady who has a lot of faith. Elder DeShazer and I met her and her partner has cancer and he was just about to go in for treatment. This was about a month or two ago. Elder Owens and I ran into her again and found that he hadn't been doing well. I prayed like crazy and fasted that things would go better, She is very interested in the gospel and coming to church, but she is just too busy with going to the hospital all the time to see him. Well, a few days later we ran into her again and found that he is doing much better and even seems to be going to be released from the hospital soon. So, we will be able to teach them soon, I hope.

This week we ran into a man who Elder DeShazer and I befriended awhile go. He's Polish and at first really didn't like us. But over time and after continually running into him, he now is a good friend. I don't think he's really that interested in our religion as much as in being our friend. But we're trying to teach his brother who seems a bit interested. It's funny here everyone says, “Oh, don't go there it's dangerous” or that Hull is a bad place, but really I've been around the areas here that would seem “scary” or would seem to be "dangerous", but they really aren't. Deep inside every one of us is a child of God, there is a light inside us all. I know for a fact that we as people are quick to judge before we try to understand. That's one of the biggest mistakes we make, to judge before we know why or how. So many people seem scary to talk to, but they are the ones who need this gospel he most.

We've been trying to work with members more to help them, so we can teach their friends and family. A lady came up to us before church and said that a friend of hers ran into missionaries three times and told her that she was very impressed by us. It's good to be a good example at all times.

I know that God is involved in our lives more than we think He is. I've felt real joy here on my mission, I can honestly say that my soul has been filled with it. I know that this gospel is true.

Love you much,

Starszy Ressler