Hull - August 13, 2012

I'm doing really well. Sorry, I'm not really good at taking pictures of myself. That's something I can work on for you next week though. This week one of our investigators disappeared which is really sad, we went by his house pretty much every day to see if he was back. Hopefully, we'll catch him this next week and see what's up. Saturday Sean was baptized. I gave a talk at the service, which wasn't the best, but it was alright. When Sean was baptized, I could feel the Spirit. Yesterday, he was confirmed, and also was ordained a priest in the Aaronic Priesthood. He's really amazing. I think he'll do well.

No, I didn't really like black pudding. Wow, Keenan is back. Two years really goes by fast. I can't believe that these past four months have gone by fast. I'm really excited for Will to get his mission call. Please let me know where he goes. Skylar emailed me the other day which made me happy. I hope Landon contacts me, too.

I've talked to Russian people also. It's difficult to talk to them. The language sounds sort of similar. I suppose they have the same root, both Slavic languages. I have not bought an umbrella, yet. I may go buy a lighter jacket though because the one I have is really heavy and huge, and some people mistake us for missionaries from another church. It really hasn't rained all that much. We had about an hour this week where we were out in it when it was coming down hard, but other than that it's been really hot. Alright, now for this past week.

Last Monday was zone P-day, so the whole zone got together and we played sports and then watched some approved movies. We're teaching a family now days, they aren't married, but want to be. During one of our lessons the man pretty much proposed to his wife and he said something to her like 'you realize that means just sticking with one man', and then a bit later 'no, but I'll have you, I'd marry you'. Then later on this week we invited him to church and he started shouting to everyone on his street (he knows a lot of them by name) “Hey, we're going to church. Want to go to church?” That's how we found two other investigators. One of his neighbors is an interesting guy. He sort of believes in something about aliens and the pyramids. Sean was baptized and confirmed, and now he's a priest! That's really exciting. We're still teaching his friend Lee who we met at the same time as Sean. He also is doing really well and has a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. This past week, I've had loads of opportunities to speak Polish. We've also had loads of interesting experiences. Like an old, one-legged Irish man kissed me on the hand. But after that we found another amazing family. We've been blessed to run into and meet families that we can teach the gospel. My watch ran out of battery, so I'm either going to have to take it in and get the battery replaced or I might just buy a cheap watch. That way it works and I'm not afraid of it getting lost or stolen. Oh, this week I bought some Polish bread because we wanted to go into a Polish shop. I love it! We went through a loaf in about two days. I recommend it, if you are ever able to find it. It really hasn't rained a whole lot here, but that doesn't mean that it still can't. The other day we talked to some people who are gypsies, I think. They go around on horse and buggy and collect old metal or old things people give them and then recycle them. They're really nice. When we asked them if they knew anyone who is Polish, they did and even called for him down the street. He came and talked to me and realized I wasn't from Poland because I was speaking incorrectly. I told him I was learning Polish. He seemed impressed at my pronunciation and of what I could say to him. He was also impressed that I learned Polish through prayer, which is true I have had to pray a lot and I really wouldn't know Polish like I do now if I didn't have help from Heavenly Father. I've also had to work really hard to learn it. He said he wanted to learn English better, so I think that's a pretty good in to talk and meet with him and teach him about the gospel. When we gave him a K.M. (Book of Mormon in Polish) he was really interested of what it was and that it was in Polish. He also sort of gave us a referral to another man who speaks Polish and also speaks really good English. We'll have to drop by their soon.

I am wearing the boots today for the first time just to try them out. I like them a lot. I really like the ankle support.

I'm glad to hear that you're all doing well and seem to have had a good summer. Maybe if you're bored you had too much summer? Just kidding. It's been summer holiday here too. I think it goes on for a little while longer. They only have about six weeks of holiday.

There is such a diverse group of people here. If they don't speak English, then I ask in Polish if they speak Polish and only some of the time do they answer yes and the other part of the time they say they're from somewhere else, like Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, the Middle East, and there are a lot of Chinese students. I like talking in Polish though. And, I don’t know a lot so it's hard to communicate with everyone. I have a long ways to go with the language, but I know that the Lord will provide a way for me to learn it. If I keep looking for opportunities to speak and teach in polish, and with lots of hard work, I’ll be blessed.