Hull - July 30, 2012

Life is good here. Yea, it is crazy that I've been here about a month. We're still working really hard. Sometimes it's really hard to wake up at 6:30. Well, it's really not that hard to get up, it's just staying up during exercise time and personal study that's the hard part. But I manage. And it seems to come easier with time.

Saturday, Richard was baptized and yesterday was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I'm very happy for him. He really is an amazing guy.
Our other investigator tried to be baptized, but his knee came up. He sort of had a panic attack, and is apparently afraid of going under water. He's had some pretty traumatic experiences I guess. We're going to see him today and try to work with him on that.
We're teaching a 28 year old man and his friend. They're both really good. He is excited to get  baptized and wants to go to the temple. We're really blessed missionaries to be able to teach him. I know it was not a coincidence meeting them. We felt impressed to find on the right side of Albany Street, and at the far end, as we were walking down they were riding their bikes up, and talked to us. So I know that Heavenly Father is helping us to succeed. There is no way that we would be able to do this on our own.

We are also teaching a family with a single mom with 4 children, 3 younger, a boy 10 and two girls 6 and 2. They came to church and loved it.
Last night we were able to talk to loads of Polish people. That made me happy and it was a bit of a challenge since I'm still not the best at the language. But I do understand a decent amount of it. It's a work in progress. And I hope that as I continue to work for it I'll get better at speaking the language.
I use that picture that Mom sent to me of our family and I share it with a lot of people. Everyone tends to comment on how happy you all look. I find that here a lot of people go through hard times and get into a lot of vices such as drinking and smoking and drugs. It's sad to see so many people get caught up in that trap. Most the people we help have problems with those things.

Last Monday we took a trip to the beach and Spurn point. It was really fun. We walked on the beach and found some crabs.

I know that Heavenly Father helps us to find people to teach and who need our help. There are times when I think, “there's no way that it's a coincidence that we were here”, or when we were impressed to walk down a certain side of a certain street, or to knock on a doors somewhere. We always have to work for it, but we always get help for it.

The food here is pretty good. Something I really like is English bacon, people told me it was a bit different than what I knew to be bacon, but I find I really like it. It's like ham, sort of, but sort of salty and thin. I also am sort of addicted to ice cream. There's a store called Iceland close to our flat that I can get it for pretty cheap. But tell Mom I also eat plenty of healthy food, like fruits. I also like Fish and mother is probably like "I knew he would" right now. But that's just because that's who I am. I've got to get a haircut today (finally!). My companion, Elder Ball, is really amazing and I really like working with him. He’s a hard worker and I'm grateful for that.

Best wishes

Starszy Ressler